3 Tips for Chicken Dinner at Sosnovka Military Base Erangel PUBG Mobile (PUBG)

This time we will discuss 3 tips for chicken dinner at Sosnovka Military Base which is the southern island in the Erangel PUBG Mobile map.


So, among the favorite places in Erangel, Sosnovka Military Base is one of the most favorite places to land, loot, or fight. This time we will discuss 3 tips for chicken dinner at Sosnovka Military Base which is the southern island in the Erangel PUBG Mobile map.

Erangel is the first map in the PUBG game. This 8x8km map is a competitive map that is always present in PUBG Mobile competitions, from the amateur level to the global professional competition level.

This favorite map is even always the background map for the seasonal game mode that is present in the PUBG Mobile game every season. Many players decide to play on Erangel instead of other Classic maps.

Therefore, mastering the Erangel map is the key to being able to push rank so that you can continue to win winner chicken dinner on the 8x8km map in PUBG Mobile.

In the Erangel map there are favorite places. Like a place with an abundant supply of loot or a place commonly used for the battlefield.

3 Tips for Chicken Dinner at Sosnovka Military Base Erangel

Sosnovka Military Base is the Soviet Union’s military base in Erangel PUBG Mobile. You can take advantage of these 3 chicken dinner tips at SMB by paying attention to this article.

Erangel is told as an island in the war zone of the Soviet Union. As an island abandoned by war, Erangel has many places that provide weapons and military items from the previous war.

The Soviet Union’s military base on the Erangel map is located at Sosnovka Militaray Base. However, the Sosnovka military base is no longer active.

Even so you can find military items there. Therefore, it is natural that the supply of loot items in this area is quite abundant and of good quality.

Sosnovka Military Base is on the island of Sosnovka, which is a large island located south of the Erangel map. This is a separate island from the main island of Erangel.

If the plane line moves from south to north then many players choose to land on the military island.

As a military headquarters, you don’t need to doubt the supply of loot items in the area. Although not as abundant as Pochinki or other hotdrops, a full team can also get full supplies by landing in this area.

In addition, if the zone moves to the south, Sosnovka Island becomes a suitable place to camp until the late game.

On the northernmost sides of the island of Sosnovka you can lock the connecting bridge between the island of Sosnovka and the main island of Erangel. Many players will cross the bridge to pursue the safe zone.

Camp on the island of Sosnovka becomes very appropriate when the zone moves to the south, namely towards the island of Sosnovka. There are many compounds in the area that you can use to survive in the military headquarters area until the final war to get WWCD.

3 Tips for Chicken Dinner at Sosnovka Military Base Erangel

Now with the circle condition in the late game that leads to the south, then you can take advantage of the following 3 chicken dinner tips at Sosnovka Military Base.

  1. Camp at Tower Military Base
    Looking for a campsite is not only about the availability of loot items. But also because the place has a good vision. Good vision can be obtained by occupying high areas.
    Now for the Sosnovka Militaray Base area, you can take advantage of a tower located in the northwest of the SMB area.
    On the island you get a broad vision. From that height you can level up the enemies that roam the SMB area to get WWCD.
    In addition, because the tower is located in the northern area, you also have the vision to see north of the island of Sosnovka. Especially in the area of ​​the bridge to the main island of Erangel.
    But to be able to do that of course you need a decent scope to be able to reach such a long distance.
  2. Master Building C at SMB
    In addition to mastering the tower to get good vision, you can also control the C building in the Sosnovka Military Base area.
    The meaning of building C here is that there are three buildings in the north area of ​​SMB which are adjacent and form the letter C.
    That’s where there are lots of loot items. By descending in that area and mastering it then you can get victory in this SMB.
    When the zone leads south to the island of Sosnovka, immediately take control of the C building. Choose the building that best suits you according to the zone shift in the late game.
    Also equip your weapons with proper scopes and attachments so that your final battle in the C Sosnovka building area will be easy for you.
  3. Split Team In Two
    Above we have mentioned two places that you can master to get WWCD at Sosnovka Military Base.
    Now to be able to control the two places, you have to divide your squad into two groups, namely 2 people per group.
    To be able to do that, of course, everyone on your team must have good individual skills. That will make the separation into these two groups will work because each member can give each other carry with friends in his group.
    However, this is only useful for squad mode. If you play duo or solo mode then choose one of the two places we have mentioned above.

Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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