3 Tips for Landing on PUBG Mobile for Beginners (PUBG)

This time we will provide 3 tips for landing on PUBG Mobile for beginners. By reading these tips you will be able to land in this battle royale arena more effectively.


An ordinary area that only provides a limited number of loot items and is not necessarily of high quality. This location is classified as a location with low popularity because players rarely decide to land there. This time we will provide 3 tips for landing on PUBG Mobile for beginners. By reading these tips you will be able to land in this battle royale arena more effectively.

PUBG Mobile is a realistic battle royale game. By applying battle royale gameplay, players will land on the map at the start of the game.

Therefore, landing in a battle royale game is something that players must master. That’s because landing carelessly will start your game badly.

There are 6 classic maps in the PUBG Mobile game where each map has its own characteristics. Each map has a different setting and building.

That makes you have to adapt to various places in the classic PUBG Mobile map. Starting from the hot drop area which provides abundant and quality loot items but has high popularity.

3 Tips for Landing on PUBG Mobile for Beginners

What you should pay attention to if you are a beginner PUBG Mobile player is that your landing method is different from experienced players. We will provide 3 tips for landing to make it easier for you as a beginner player.

If you are a pro player then landing on the hot drop location is the main thing. That will allow the player to land in an area full of quality and abundant loot.

That way, the player can have enough stock to fight in one match. Especially for fighting at the beginning of the game against other players who landed at the hot drop location.

This is not a problem for pro players because they have adapted to hot drop locations, know how to loot quickly, and are quick to face battles at the beginning of the game.

As for novice players, of course, they can’t do that because they haven’t been able to adapt well. On the other hand, for beginners, you should pay attention to the following 3 landing tips.

1. Landing in a Quiet Area

The first landing tips for beginners is to land in a quiet area. This is important because novice players still have to adapt to the map they are playing.

So, if a novice player lands in a crowded area such as a hot drop, it is certain that the novice player will be eliminated too soon because the players who are already pro. Naturally, this happens because pro players will land in crowded areas to get big kill points.

Therefore, if a novice player lands in a crowded area, of course it will actually make him eliminated at the beginning. Therefore, he should just land in a quiet area to be able to learn to loot, adapt to the map, and learn to survive.

Indeed, landing in a quiet area has an impact on the poor loot results that players can get. But that’s not a problem for novice players who still need to adapt to the weapons available in this game.

2. Search Areas Far from Plane Lines and Find Vehicles

In the first point, you should really land in a quiet area. But a quiet area doesn’t mean you land carelessly. But there are also criteria for landing. The criteria for a quiet area is to land in an area far from the plane line. That’s because usually players will land around the plane line. Especially in the central area of ​​the map.

Therefore, avoid landing around the plane line and stay away from the plane line when plunging. It will take you to a place that is devoid of players. In addition, another criterion that you must pay attention to is to look for a place where there are vehicles around the area where you land. This is a rather difficult point for novice players.

However, on maps like Erangel and Miramar, vehicles can be found even in deserted areas. Therefore, you should play both maps to adapt to the classic map.

The purpose of landing in an area where there is a vehicle is so that you can rotate it easily. That’s because you land in a quiet area and away from the plane line. It’s possible that the zone doesn’t lead to your place. Therefore, in order to be able to rotate and get to the next safe zone, you can’t just rely on walking alone. But by using a vehicle.

3. Learn Fast Landing

The landing area of each player is unpredictable. Not all players want to land in the hot drop area, except for pro players. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you land alone in a location even if it is a quiet location.

Therefore, so that you are not too soon at the beginning of the game, you should learn how to land quickly. For example, by not opening the parachute until the parachute opens automatically.

Then determine the location where you want to land so that your jump leads to a point without looking confused when you jump.

Next try to land on the roof of the house to shorten your landing time. Landing quickly is something you need to master. If you can land first than other players, then you can boot earlier so you can kill players who come around your location later.

Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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