4 Free Fire Pro Tips in Gun King Mode!

When you play in Gun King mode, your weapon will change as you kill an enemy. Here are some tips for you to win in this mode!


Playing video games can be one of the most exciting activity to do. In android, there are many games provided for users to play, and one of the game genre is a battle royale game. There are many battle royale game in android, and you can try Free Fire to have the best battle royale experience.

In the future, Garena as the developer of the game, will always gives us new updates and events for us to enjoy. For a little bit of a throwback, you can check out some interesting facts on the early version of Free Fire.

Nowadays, there are so many modes available in the game. And one of them is clash squad mode that you can check out here.

And for even more surprising news, Garena Indonesia will release a new mode available to play in Free Fire. This new mode is called the Gun King Mode. In this case, this mode is available earlier in Brazil, and soon in Indonesia.

If you play in these modes, make sure you know how to play it. So in this chance, we will give you some tips to play in this mode without any trouble!

1. Use the Right Character

There’s a fun feature in this game mode, where if you kill an enemy, your weapon will change. In the beginning of the game, you’ll start with a throwing knife. And that weapon will change every time you kill an enemy into something better and better. Due to the various weaponry, we suggest you to use DJ Alok that seems to fit this game mode.

2. Play it Safe

If you play in Gun King mode in Free Fire, make sure that you position yourself the correct way safely. Because the more you kill, the more difficult the new weapon to use. The last weapon in this game mode is the machete in order to win. With that being said, you can check out the tips on Using Melee Weapon in the Final Zone. Those tips can also be applied in Gun King mode.

3. Play Aggressively While Holding an SMG or Assault Rifle

There is also an SMGs and Assault Rifle available in this game mode. If you kill some enemy and these type of weapon spawn in your hand, try to play aggressively by rushing your enemy. But if you’re holding an assault rifle, you can try to play aggressively in a reasonable range to your enemy.

4. Steal a Kill

The last thing you can do is quite cunning, where you can kill an enemy as they battle each other. When multiple enemies are battling each other, their HP must have been lower. That way, you can easily kill them all to get the advantage in Gun King mode.

Every player in this particular game mode must have different strategies. There’s even players that utilize the character combination that you can also try!