6 Free Fire Tips to Win in Big Head Mode!

On this Event Booyah Lebaran, there are new event coming up in Big Head mode. Big Head Mode is where you'll battle with a bigger head than average. Here's some tips to win in this mode


There are many features offered in Free Fire, and it keeps updating from time to time. Some of the features in the game that you need to find out before you play is the type of zones that appears in the game, so you can understand what each of the zones meaning so that you can make the right move. And don’t forget to look up the weapons available in Free Fire, to find out what kind of weapon that suits your gameplay.

For a game that’s been released since 2017, there are many events and updates coming up for the players. And from all of the existing features, you can check out the Character Feature in Free Fire here. Where you can choose some character with certain skills.

Recently, Garena is setting up a new Event called the Event Booyah Lebaran where you can get many prizes from it. And in this event, there is a new mode available to play called the Big Head mode. Where the players will fight with a bigger head so they’re prone to headshot.

Here’s some tips for you to win in this mode!

1. Play it Safe

You can tell from the name of this game mode. Big Head mode will make the players have bigger head in the match, so that it will increase the chance of the opponents to aim for the head. So if you play in this mode, make sure you play it safe and keep your head down.

2. Use a Deadly Weapon

There are many types of weapon in Free Fire. And those weapons will be much more useful in Big Head mode, where it will help you kill your enemies faster. Make sure you’re using a weapon with a good accuracy and a high damage in this mode in order to win the game. We also have a list of the best weapon for a headshot in Free Fire for you to use in this mode. So that you won’t be having difficulties firing a headshot towards your opponent. Remember, headshot is the key in this mode, since everyone’s head is getting bigger in this game mode.

3. Beware of Your Vest and Helmet

Especially your helmet, it is quite vital in this game mode. By the time you lose your helmet, it will be harder for you to survive in Big Head mode. There’s a tips on how to keep you vest and helmet safe in Free Fire that you can check out here!

4. Don’t Rush

It is quite dangerous for the enemy when you rush them. But in this mode, don’t try to rush too much. Because the size of your head will make you easier to kill when you fight in close range, so the risk is higher

5. Drive a Vehicle

If you’re not feeling safe while playing this game, you can try driving a vehicle to keep your big head safe.

6. Don’t get Separated with Your Squad

The last thing you can do is to stay together with your squad. By sticking together, you can easily pin down your enemies by attacking them together.

The Big Head mode is a unique mode that you might never find in any games ever. And to play this mode even better, it’s good to know how to play in this mode for you to win!