4 Free Fire Tips on Using the Plasma Gun

Later in the game, you will find various weapons available to use. Now we have some tips for you on how to use the new plasma gun in Free Fire!


Free Fire offers you many interesting things to utilize. And for those who play Free Fire recently, there’s always some updates that players can enjoy in the game. There’s also character feature that players can choose in the game. Free Fire will always get better as time goes by, in order to gain more users every time.

When you choose your character, don’t forget to choose your loadout in Free Fire.

And after recent updates, new weapons specification is also there for better playing experience. Here’s some tips on how to use the new plasma gun in Free Fire.

1. Don’t Fire Continuously

The plasma gun is one of those unique weapon in Free Fire. And it’s uniqueness is located on the firing rate. If you keep shooting, the weapon is able to overheat. When it’s overheating, the weapon wouldn’t be able to shoot. It’s important to keep the plasma gun from overheating, so you can keep hitting your enemy even from afar.

2. Find the Special Attachment

Recently, Garena has released new attachments. And between one of those attachment, there is one attachment special for the plasma gun. The function of the special attachment is that it keeps the weapon from overheating slightly longer. Try to find this attachment, where this item is also one of the Latest Ranked Item for a few days ago.

3. Don’t Rush

Plasma gun is a unique and a deadly weapon. But this weapon is not suitable for rush type of play. If you insist on rushing with this weapon, it will be dangerous for yourself instead. When you shoot with the plasma gun, try to keep distance from your enemy and don’t forget that it can overheat.

4. Suitable for Medium Range Shootout

Last tip, when you wield this weapon, it’s really suitable to fight the enemy at around medium range. The accuracy from this weapon, is good enough and there’s almost no bullet drop. So when you fire this weapon, the bullet will come straight out. And always remember that this weapon cannot be attached with a scope.

Every weapon that’s in Free Fire, has different capabilities and specifications. So to be able to use every one of them, make sure you train yourself in training ground.

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