5 Basic Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile that Beginners Must Know, From Looting to Fighting (PUBG)

This time we will discuss 5 basic tips for playing PUBG Mobile that beginners must know. There are various tips ranging from looting tips at the beginning of the game to tips on winning battles in the game.


Due to the realistic nature of this game, novice players in the game find it difficult to adapt. Starting from adapting to the vast world of battle royale to adapting in mastering every weapon. This time we will discuss 5 basic tips for playing PUBG Mobile that beginners must know. There are various tips ranging from looting tips at the beginning of the game to tips on winning battles in the game.

PUBG Mobile is a shooter game with the battle royale genre. The advantage of this game is the realistic gameplay.

The characters in this game have no skills. Likewise with weapons that do not have a certain shooting effect. Although this game provides skin items, its use does not have an effect on character or weapon stats.

In addition, the weapons in this game also come with detailed specifications. It makes each weapon has stats so it requires a special way to be able to use it.

Therefore the key to being able to win the PUBG Mobile battle royale game is to master weapons, as well as have a good battle strategy.

For beginners PUBG Mobile players, this time we will give 5 basic tips for playing this battle royale game. Starting from landing tips for looting to how to basic fight we will convey here.

Landing in a Looting Loot Area

The basic tips this time will start from how to land. As a novice player, you should just land in a quiet area. No need to force landing on a hot drop that has a high level of popularity. In fact, it makes you eliminated early because you can’t deal with enemies at the beginning of the game.

Choose to land in a quiet area, such as an area far from the plane’s line. In that quiet place you can be safer to loot. Even so, don’t expect much to get quality loot or in large quantities. That’s because in quiet areas it often only provides limited loot. But that’s not a problem as long as you can get a primary weapon to fight.

Then what you have to do is immediately move from your landing area. That’s because there could be other players who come there.
The mistake of novice players when landing early is to stay in their loot for too long. Even if their loot area turns out to be located on the outskirts of the starting zone.

Even though it’s still in the initial zone with less painful Blue Zone damage, staying on the outskirts isn’t the right thing. That’s because there is a possibility if the zone moves away from where you are.

Therefore, completing looting and leaving later will make it easier for you to catch up to the next zone.
For a good landing, you have to learn how to jump quickly. Don’t be too hasty to open the parachute which will make your jump slow.

Don’t Hurry to Loot

Loot takes time. Especially if you don’t activate automatic looting mode and use automatic attachments. That makes you have to pay attention to the conditions around you to be able to boot.

Therefore, you should not be too hasty to loot. You have to be aware of your surroundings. If you hear the sound of footsteps around you, you should just looting enough.

Enough with taking weapons and armor. Then be ready to face your enemy first. If you manage to beat him, then you can continue looting.
A mistake that is often made by beginners is that they are too busy looting so they are not aware of the circumstances around them. It made him get eliminated easily by nearby enemies.

Go After Shooting

When facing an enemy, you should immediately leave that place after shooting. Either the shot hit the target or it didn’t. That’s because your position is already known by the enemy.

Even if the enemy you are facing is successfully eliminated, then move immediately. That’s because the sound of your previous shot will provoke other enemies around you to approach.

The mistake of novice players in this game is to stay in position after shooting. It became fatal as it made the surrounding enemies approach to deal with it.

Don’t Focus On One Enemy For Too Long

In a battle royale game, other players are enemies, especially in solo mode. Therefore, do not think that your enemy is only one person.
With that condition, don’t focus on one enemy for too long. It will make you ignore the existence of other enemies around you.

Especially if you are stuck in a long battle with one of your enemies. The sound of your gunfire will provoke nearby enemies to join the fight so that more than two people fight. It would be even worse if you were stuck in a sandwich position.

Therefore, there is no need to be too ambitious in facing one enemy. If it fails and your enemy moves away then you have to pay attention to the surrounding conditions because there could be other enemies around.

Heal in Closed Places

Maybe this last tip seems too basic but this is precisely what novice players forget. Sometimes when their HP runs low, the player immediately heals in the open.

Of course it will be fatal because instead of securing a life it actually makes you eliminated while healing. Therefore, look for a closed place first to heal. It could be in the house, behind rocks or trees, or even in the car. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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