5 Best Battle Spells For Hero Silvanna Mobile Legends (ML)

An ability that will become even better and perfect than before. The use of Hero Silvanna will be greatly helped by using the right Battle Spell as well.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates that are very interesting for you to try. Even with the 5 Best Silvanna Battle Spell Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML), of course this will help you compete. Given that the Hero that the player will use is very strong, of course something like this will be an influence later. An ability that will become even better and perfect than before. The use of Hero Silvanna will be greatly helped by using the right Battle Spell as well.

The update is indeed getting more and more good for you to try right now, including some events whose missions are just getting more interesting. All of that comes with a very new and perfect, if you play later it will definitely easily complete the mission as well.


The first spell that my Esports recommends is Flicker, of course it’s very good for Hero Silvanna in matches. Even with his attacking ability, it will become easier if you use this Spell properly.

Because seeing this Hero has no Dash Skill except Ultimate, it makes it difficult to escape from the enemy. But if you can use Skill 1 correctly, then this Flicker Spell can make the user Outplay using Silvanna later.


This hero does have very large damage, because the attack contains a large amount of Magic Damage. Of course Execute is also very good for Silvanna, because with that you will continue to give the last attack when you have made your opponent dying.

Because there are some heroes who can still escape from Combo Silvanna, so Spell Execute itself becomes something quite deadly. Moreover, my own Esports knows some of the deadly Spell Execute Mobile Legends Heroes, one of which is that Silvanna is very suitable.


Then there is a Stun Spell that matches Silvanna, because then her ability will not be disturbed by her enemy. Considering the enemy who is in Ultimate can still move, even avoid Skill 2 which is the Combo.

According to my own Esports, it’s really suitable to use this Stun Spell, because it has a very good ability for combos. Even my Esports has done that, when the enemy is hit by his Ultimate Skill, he immediately stuns and gives skill 2 to get high damage.


In addition to using the Execute Spell, Silvanna is also comfortable using this Spell called Flameshot. Because of the ability that will shoot Magic Damage bullets, so that enemies who manage to escape from it are immediately hit by a deadly attack.

Even if you use it properly later, it will definitely become more delicious than before. Then there are also some of the Best Heroes Using the Flameshot Spell, Silvanna didn’t enter but actually this was really good.


Let Silvanna become more and more difficult to defeat, then using Aegis would be the right choice. Providing defense with White HP or Shield, of course, can make you later able to withstand large damage.

Because remembering Silvanna Ultimate doesn’t make it invulnerable, so you have to know the right timing for ultimate. So that this Spell appears, of course it will make Silvanna players when Ultimate will not be disturbed at all.

If that’s the case, try the 5 Best Silvanna Hero Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), of course it will be good to get carried away in the match. Just follow the atmosphere, so that this Spell will get better and won’t be too difficult for you to use. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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