5 Interesting Facts about Hero Terizla Mobile Legends (ML)

It's something very interesting for you to try now. There is even a fact about the relationship that explains this Terizla has a family in the game.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates which of course makes players curious. Especially with the presence of 5 Interesting Facts about Hero Terizla Mobile Legends (ML), of course you are interested in knowing it. Considering that some facts that have emerged now will provide good things for hero users. It’s something very interesting for you to try now. There is even a fact about the relationship that explains this Terizla has a family in the game.

Even with several updates that have appeared now, it will definitely make you more excited to play it. This includes new updates that will continue to appear, along with the ability of Terizla’s hero who is very good and very strong.

Fighter With Strong Damage

Terizla is one of the fighters who until now has very strong damage, although not many know its potential. Of course, with this Damage ability, this proves that Terizla himself is indeed very superior in the Early to Late game.

That’s why Terizla himself has a very good advantage, the damage itself is able to weaken the ability of the opposing Hero. So you yourself will definitely feel scared when you play against Terizla, Esportsku also often uses this hero but got a team that gives you a headache.

Interesting Facts Hero Terizla Mobile Legends is a Tank

Even Esportsku knows, Terizla is a Hero who turns out to be almost a Half Tank in the Mobile Legends game. Seeing Terizla’s ability which is quite superior when his HP is very low, of course the HP that is reduced from Terizla will have a big influence on the damage.

So we might be interested in Build Hero Terizla Tank in Mobile Legends, even though it’s not actually a full tank. So that you have the opportunity and time to attack, along with the damage which, of course, is quite large in total.

Been a Banned Subscriber

Considering the previous few seasons, if you see that Terizla has been one of the Banned Subscriptions in Rank. Because the ability at the beginning of its release is very dangerous, so it makes you yourself going to be bothered to deal with it.

Especially when the HP is drastically reduced, it will definitely give a little extra strength to every hit. It’s very deadly and quite strong, but getting here it won’t be felt too, even Terizla himself already has damage that follows developments.

Julian’s father

Now this is an interesting fact, because Terizla is the father of a hero named Julian in Mobile Legends. Indeed, no one realized when Julian first appeared, but after seeing a bit of the story, Terizla was his father.

Of course, players also thought not, but it’s true that Terizla, who has become the guardian of the Abyss, is his father. So according to my own Esports, Julian has been born since Terizla hasn’t turned into what he is now.

Have a Good Ultimate Skill

Ultimate from the hero Terizla has a large area attack, even giving CC to enemies who will be attracted by a chain. Of course, with the attack, it can be seen, if indeed its strength can not be underestimated.

Especially if, for example, you have used the Terizla Hero Combo in Mobile Legends, it will definitely be something really good. Even a very deadly attack from the Skill, will make it easier for players to win during War.

Then with 5 Interesting Facts about Terizla Mobile Legends (ML) Hero, it really explains what new things about this Hero are like. Because the fact that explains Terizla is very strong, so it is indeed very cool for you to use. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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