5 Best Benedetta Skins Mobile Legends (ML)

It will look much cooler. Because in conditions like this it is certain, for example in Skin Bendetta which is so strong and cannot be separated from the effects that will appear.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very exciting and you can try it now. Even with the 5 Best Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, you might be interested in using this. Because there are still many good things that we can find. It will look much cooler. Because in conditions like this it is certain, for example in Skin Bendetta which is so strong and cannot be separated from the effects that will appear.

Because some of the things that have emerged now, surely it will keep getting more and more exciting. Benedetta’s appearance skillfully wields a sword, it will definitely make it very difficult for the opponent to fight the hero or prevent him.

Shadow Rangers

Considering that Benedetta herself is an Assassin who uses the shadows, then the name Skin Shadow Ranger is right for her. Because with the appearance of the Shadow Ranger Skin itself, it has the image of a strong Assassin, but doesn’t have many additional accessories when doing its job.

With the large sword, Bendetta will slash all enemies quickly and deal an attack without being seen. This skin is indeed included in the default from the hero, so we can immediately buy it at a price of 32 thousand BP to have the skin.

Honor Blade

An honor for the Sword that Benedetta has, of course the Normal Skin Honor Blade does look really cool. If you use it when competing, it will definitely make your opponent unable to catch him because of his strength like this.

Even the Honor Blade itself is not much different from the default skin too, at least it changes slightly and the colors change. Then you will see this cool Honor Blade only costs 269 Diamonds and you can own it right away.

Street Blow

A Skate-themed Skin who is good at Skateboarding, even Benedetta also has a Skin like this. Showing Benedetta in a Green Jacket, Silver Hair and a very serious look. Then the right hand holding a skateboard, even the left hand is ready to take out the sword if there is an enemy.

It does have a pretty cool Skate Girl appearance, it’s even been seen that it’s really skilled, of course. Street Blow is a Starlight Skin in the Mobile Legends game, so you can only go through the Starlight Feature to have this Skin as per my Esports now.

Death Oath

According to Esportsku, this is a pretty good Benedetta Skin, Death Oath which carries the theme of darkness and cruelty. This skin shows Benedetta’s White Hair, then wears a Purple Scarf that can move like a shadow and the robot’s modified arms.

The pants to the Legs give Metal power so strong, even the weapon already has the power of darkness. Death Oath is a Skin Collector, so you can immediately get this grand prize from the Grand Collection.


A Skin that carries a powerful Moon Theme, even absorbing its power to coalesce into a single Sword. Benedetta managed to absorb the Moonblade’s power to become even stronger, even in her own battle, this skin has a really cool effect.

Even the Moonblade power that appears for the Skin, is very strong and different from any existing attack Effects. Then bring the white and blue moon, then the darkness makes this skin look really cool too. Let’s say Moonblade is a Limited Special Skin, because some of the effects themselves are really good.

After knowing the 5 Best Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, then you can see which skins are good for the hero. Because of the appearance and a good attack effect, it will make this Hero become stronger with it when competing. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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