5 Best Zhask Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very cool. Then using the 5 Best Zhask Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), will definitely make Zhask even stronger. When facing the enemy without any difficulties at all, Zhask must have given great strength. It does make a difference when competing. Because the Spell’s position is to face the enemy easily, surely Zhask will make you not easily defeated with this Spell.

Moreover, for some events that have appeared now, will provide quite a lot of prizes. Because of the good updates that appear in this game, it will provide a variety of very cool main prizes for you to try very easily.


The first spell suitable for Zhask is Inspire, increasing the attacks of the Monsters that Zhask summons. Of course, if this is a build, it will make Zhask who turns into a monster definitely feel a lot of damage.

So that Inspire will make your attacks easier, so it doesn’t feel difficult with something like this. Because indeed with a fast monster attack, it will definitely make Zhask easy to deal damage very easily.


Then the Spell that will help Zhask in attacking the enemy, you can also use Flicker to escape. So when Zhask enters his Monster, get 1 chance to move places chasing the enemy to deal high damage.

But if the enemy runs away again, then use Spell Flicker to approach him and can give back damage. Then when you get hit by an enemy gank, using the ultimate and then moving even directly Using the Flicker Spell is also not something difficult.


Then there’s a Petrify Spell in Mobile Legends, so you can use it on Zhask when you’re fighting. Because this Spell to intercept enemies approaching monster mode will be better, so it’s like saying the enemy will be hit by 2 CC Effects in turn.

The damage that we will give to the enemy is also getting bigger, because their position was paralyzed too. It’s really good when you use this Spell, depending on the situation you face in the match later.


Next is Flameshot which is another best Spell from Hero Zhask. Because considering Zhask himself can’t chase enemies easily, then a spell like this will help to give the final attack.

Not a few people use Flameshot when competing with Zhask, even my Esports often find players like that. Magic damage that depends on your build too, will really feel what the damage is that helps you win.


My Esports experience when I used Zhask with Execute was really good, but I have to understand the situation of using it first. Because when you rank, Zhask can’t always use this spell, so you have to be careful, but there are some opponents who can be affected by this spell.

Zhask itself is capable of dealing high damage when competing, so Execute is also good for being able to finish off the enemy. It just depends on the time you use it right or not, so you can give high damage from this attack.

After knowing the 5 Best Zhask Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), then that will help players determine it. As a strong Spell for the hero Zhask, supporting the game becomes even better and easier for sure. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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