5 Strongest Natalia Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML)

It's definitely getting easier to play. It even has a much more helpful appearance, when we use Spell according to the opponent's situation using any hero.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for us to try. Then try the 5 Strongest Natalia Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely give Natalia more strength to attack. Apart from just sneaking in the shadows to attack the enemy, Natalia’s ability with this Spell will definitely get better. It’s definitely getting easier to play. It even has a much more helpful appearance, when we use Spell according to the opponent’s situation using any hero.

Especially when playing the game very well, then Natalia being an Assassin will handle it. Passive skills that can make Natalia disappear and annoying Silence, it’s definitely easy to pick up the opponent’s Hero with Skill 2 which is Immun Physical Damage.


This is a Spell that immediately becomes a recommendation, because Natalia is a strong Hyper Assassin. The use of Retribution is also quite good, because it can interfere with opponents who are farming or steal their jungle monsters too.

Relying on the Passive Skill that Natalia has, she can disappear without having to find out her exact position. Then come and attack from behind, so they can do damage to the enemy, then use Spell Retribution as much as possible to take their Buff and run away.


A spell that increases attack speed and life steal, Natalia is also often used by Inspire when competing. Because in an attack that surprises the opponent from behind, it is certain that they will not have time to fight back swiftly.

When Natalia has made an attack after the Passive is on, then use Inspire and attack the enemy quickly. It will also be seen from Natalia’s Silence ability, in order to immediately make the opponent unable to use the Skill because of her Silence.


If you want to make your opponent powerless using Natalia, then use the Petrify Mobile Lengeds Spell for something like that. In fact, this is my Esports Mainstay Spell that is often used by Natalia, so you will also have the opportunity to attack.

The combination of Passive Skills, all of Natalia’s Skills with this Spell are really good. Those of you whose build has also become easier to fight, because my Esports once fought a Marksman using Wind of Nature and still lost. Use the Spell when the Enemy uses the Build so that the effect is locked for 1 second.


Already fast, finally becoming faster in movement, Sprint became another mainstay of Natalia’s Spell. Because this Spell will make your movements very fast, especially with a passive that will make your running speed more than anyone.

This is a good scooping attack, especially if you use it to chase down enemies that are running away. Natalia’s own movements won’t be read easily, that’s why this spell is really good enough for her.


Natalia is also an Assassin who must deliver a deadly final blow to her opponent. It is certain that the enemy who is dying because of Natalia’s attack will not be able to escape again, even ready to accept death with this Execute Spell.

Even the Execute Spell you can at least use when you’re missing, can surprise a dying opponent without showing up. But to be more sure to get a kill, just attack the enemy first and then use the Execute Spell now.

After knowing the 5 Strongest Natalia Battle Spells in Mobile Legends (ML), you will not find it easy to use Natalia’s Hero either. As one of the strong heroes with spells like this, it will make you invincible when you are competing later. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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