5 Cool Emotes When Booying the Free Fire (FF) Team

Don't forget to use 5 Cool Emotes When Booyah Free Fire (FF) Team, so you can fully celebrate when you bounce time FF later.


Do you like winning celebrations? That means you have to use cool emotes when Booyah Free Fire (FF) Team. This will be a sign, if you can and succeed to defeat the enemies and become the strongest.

Maybe this method is really good, because we can vent everything from being happy and upset using Emote. That will show, that later you guys are really strong in fighting and you don’t need to worry anymore.

After all, when we use an emote, make sure you don’t forget to always be vigilant. If you have won it is not a problem, but if you are still competing then it is only a problem.

Don’t forget to know the 5 Best Emotes in Free Fire, where you can use them when competing. Even though there are some that are not yet available, there is still a chance tomorrow for you to get when playing.


So from these 5 Booyah Celebration Emotes, maybe one of them is an option for us to use.


The following is a list of Cool Emotes When Booying the Free Fire (FF) Team


FFWC Throne

This first emote seems to make you become like a king, where it will make you sit on the King’s Throne. You guys are also stylish, as if no enemy can be fought so hard.

But unfortunately we can’t get the FFWC Throne Emote anymore, it is one of the rare items on Indonesian servers today.



Then the second one is Emote, where you will laugh because you can win easily when competing. LOL is one of the emotes that can make enemies become angry too.

But this can also make the enemy have an enthusiasm, to be able to win easily in the next match that will soon be started by him.


Iam Saitama

Where is my robe? That’s what saitama will do, when she is looking for a complete hero outfit in Free Fire. So when you win and bounce, don’t forget to use Emote like this.

It can be said that this Emote is used when Booyah, like he is looking for a missing cloak. Even though I was just getting ready to play, I could already win.



Sii is an Emote that is specially presented between Free Fire x Cr7. This is a Pure Emote to do a Celebration, but in the Real World it is used when you get a Goal.

Yup, who often does that is CR7, where when he manages to make a goal, he will definitely be like Emote Sii.


Eat My Dust

Finally, we can use Emote Eat my Dust, which means Eat My Dust. After successfully winning the match, just use this Emote so that you will be stylish on the vehicle.

Then take out some of the dust that was given, for the enemies that you lost. Surely this Emote will also attract attention, so those of you who have it must immediately use it in the match later too.


By knowing these 5 Booyah Celebration Emotes, we can look cool when we win the match. Then don’t forget, if this Emote is indeed quite important.