New Magnetic Field Item Functions Free Fire (FF)

Don't forget that this is the Latest Function of FF Magnetic Field Free Fire Items, because from these items you will also be protected from grenades.


So this is the Latest Function of FF Magnetic Field Free Fire Items, of course it will make it easier for players to be protected later. Because what we can do, is like a pretty strong defense right now.

Not only that, there are still a few things you need to know about the newest item. Because we really need to pay attention to this, don’t forget that now the new item is quite helpful for current players.

There are still some interesting things, so we can get it when playing on the Advance Server Free Fire. Of course, things like this, we shouldn’t ignore it altogether in the future.

Because those presented too, there are already quite a few in the 15 Latest Updates on Free Fire Advance Servers. So with the various updates that are present, we shouldn’t miss that one cool thing.

Moreover, knowing what is the Latest Function of FF Magnetic Field Free Fire Items, this will help you when playing later. Listen directly to the explanation, the articles that are below right now too.


The Latest Function of FF Magnetic Field Free Fire Items

Items that are present on this Advance Server, in fact, have a unique name, namely the Magnetic Field. As we know that the Magnetic Field will create this location, it will be hit by a magnetic wave that damages the system.

But it turns out that those who are present at the Clash Squad now, these new items will reduce the Damage from Grenades. Of course what we can get when using this too, is quite good.

Because what we also know is that while in Clash Squad Mode, these enemies will spam Grenades to get us cornered. In fact, this will make Pet Beaston Free Fire a mainstay for that mode.

Therefore, Garena releases a new item, which explains if the grenade damage will decrease in size. Even if I’m not mistaken, those of you who are in here can only receive 70 damage from a grenade.


Of course this is indeed quite good and very profitable. Because players will also be safer, without the need to be afraid of being hit by rain bombs from enemies playing in the game.


Especially for now we can also find out, that the new item will indeed have a pretty good effect. Not only that, Magnetic Field will basically be the Best item in the future.

Because it can be used by One Team, so that you won’t be hit by a fairly large total grenade damage. Moreover, the way players throw grenade items, it has become different now too.


So make sure you feel ready too, with all these things for now and in the future. Because of that Magnetic Field, it will obviously help players to compete more easily.

Let’s just wait for the presence of these items, to appear on the Ori Server in the next new update.


You don’t forget that the Latest FF Function of Magnetic Field Free Fire Items is indeed quite useful. So of course you will be even safer, to compete and don’t need to be afraid of grenade damage