5 Heroes for Counter Fanny Mobile Legends (ML)

Here we will provide some counters for high mobility Fanny. Using these heroes will almost certainly be able to defeat Fanny very easily.


You can use Fanny Mobile Legends Hero Counter. Fanny is a hero with the role of mobile legends assassins who has high mobility and is very difficult to catch. This hero is indeed very difficult to catch and very difficult for enemies, especially for players who do not have Fanny counters. This time there is a Counter Fanny Mobile Legends that you can use against this fanny. Here we will provide some counters for high mobility Fanny. Using these heroes will almost certainly be able to defeat Fanny very easily.

Fanny mobile legends herself with her Skill 2 is very fast and has very high mobility. A reliable Fanny can kill enemies in and out of battle and even towers without problems. But Fanny actually has a fairly strong and varied counter.

The following is a list of heroes that can easily counter Fanny’s heroes in Mobile Legends. You can use the following heroes, right!


Fanny is very dependent on the mobility of her S2, besides that Fanny’s high burst is very deadly to Squishy heroes. Silvanna who has high resilience also has a very strong lockdown on her ulti. Fanny who is locked will not be able to escape and is certain to die from Silvanna’s ulti -> S2 combo.


Besides Silvanna, who else if not Franco has a very strong lock. The very good Franco can even predict Fanny’s moves and can easily hook and hit her. Fanny who dares to jump near Franco will also be affected and disabled. Franco can lock Fanny very easily, especially if Fanny dares to jump at Franco under the tower.


The reason Grock can counter Fanny is actually quite simple. He has a very strong CC skill and can also block Fanny’s path when using S2. Grock can create a wall to block Fanny from hanging and force herself to stop. Grock is also very thick so Fanny will be very difficult to kill him.


You can also use Nana as a Hero Counter Fanny in Mobile Legends, this is with Nana’s ability who has a second skill in the form of CC Morph, with this ability Nana can turn Fanny’s hero into a doll and make her movements stop.

You can easily block Fanny’s hero movement with these skills and then make Fanny easily overpowered by opponents in Mobile Legends. So, use Nana for Fanny’s counter!


Finally, Moskov is one of the marksman heroes who has excellent CC abilities in the Mobile Legends game. The CC ability can easily defeat Fanny’s hero.

You can use Moskov’s second skill which skill can easily give Crowd Control to the opponent very easily. Especially on Fanny’s hero, you only need to point Fanny at the wall with her second skill, and Fanny will stop moving until you can attack her easily.

Those are some heroes who can counter Fanny very easily. These heroes have something in common, namely a very strong CC or at least being able to fight back against Fanny. If you don’t want to use these heroes, you can also use heroes who have the same thing in common, namely CC, burst, and strong brawler. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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