5 Heroes Who Really Rely on Ultimate in Mobile Legends (ML)

Of course, the more we use Ultimate, the stronger it is than before. Then without any resistance from the enemy, this Ultimate hero will be even better than before.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of cool and strong hero updates. There are even 5 Ultimate Relying Heroes in Mobile Legends (ML), one of which must have a simple mechanic. So a hero like this that will make Ultimate really become the basis of his strength, both in a duel or war against the enemy. f course, the more we use Ultimate, the stronger it is than before. Then without any resistance from the enemy, this Ultimate hero will be even better than before.

But we can’t deny it, if a hero like that is strong enough depending on the situation. It’s just that Ultimate is a suitable support for him, so that they can shine more than other heroes when competing later.


One of the strongest Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends, Saber is a hero who needs Ultimate when competing. Of course it can be seen from his ability to kidnap opponents, of course because of this the Ultimate is so important.

That’s why when it’s already built, Saber will launch the Ultimate Combo to kill the enemy’s Core quickly. If you don’t use his Ultimate, then Saber won’t have that much power in the match.


The next hero according to my Esports is Edith, one of the new Marksman Tanks who is very strong in the match, Even Edith herself had great power when Ultimate came out, at first it was Phylax but at this rate it turned into the original Edith.

In the Ultimate mode, Edith will give a long range attack like a Marksman with Magic Damage. Gives the opponent a Shield and knockback, then has a slightly longer duration of Ultimate. Edith’s damage will increase based on HP lost at Ultimate.

Yu Zhong

Fighters who rely on high damage Burst Attacks, of course Yu Zhong is able to give fear to all his opponents. Especially if you have used the Ultimate, this will make the opponent not dare to go forward or face it in a Duel.

Of course Yu Zhong has a very good ability in Ultimate, turning into a Dragon and becoming half of a Black Dragon. Yu Zhong’s abilities will become more and more dangerous, when he changes his body shape when competing later.


Based on my experience playing Esports, it turns out that Argus has quite a lot of strength in the match later. Because this Ultimate from Argus will make you unable to die, even if you are hit by a big and deadly attack.

If Ultimate Argus is active, we will receive a lot of Buffs and are immune from death. Even every time he hits, it will definitely make Argus receive additional HP if his ultimate is up. Unfortunately the Ultimate Skill has a long cooldown, so that’s the weakness of Argus despite relying on ultimate.


Both before and after Revamp, Vexana according to Esportsku is quite good in relying on Ultimate in matches. Then with the power of Vexana, you will know that the Ultimate will turn your opponent into a Zombie before Revamp.

But if you get Revamp, Vexana will issue a Giant Monster that we can control. Can attack all nearby enemies, protect Vexana from death because of her Ultimate Skill right now.

After knowing 5 Heroes Relying on Ultimate in Mobile Legends (ML), it means that you will not be confused anymore with the use of these heroes. Because some of the Ultimate development of the Hero that is here, will definitely change the situation of the match and become more exciting to be able to win. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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