5 Items for Counter Ling Mobile Legends (ML)

Therefore, we will discuss here the Ling counter item which is very strong and suitable for you to use. Of course, it will be very useful when fighting this one assassin hero in the game later. Read on below.


Currently Ling is not very meta because heroes who rely on buffs are less popular. But he is still very strong and even this Ling Mobile Legends (ML) counter item you can abuse against him. Therefore, we will discuss here the Ling counter item which is very strong and suitable for you to use. Of course, it will be very useful when fighting this one assassin hero in the game later. Read on below.

Ling’s damage is high, especially in the late game when the slot is full. Not only that, Ling is a very agile and slippery hero. This makes it very difficult for opponents to catch when playing.

Ling but rarely really understands how to use it in games where at least middle-rank players don’t need to panic. But Ling who is good at it will be very annoying and difficult later.

Ling’s main strength is his high damage and very high mobility. Ling can move places very quickly and annoy his opponent anywhere which is very annoying when faced with a fight.

In addition, the ulti also has an iframe which is difficult to burst. But there are some items that you can use against him, here are some very powerful Ling counter items.

Wind Of Nature

+30 Physical Attack
+20% Attack Speed
+10% Physical Lifesteal
Unique Passive
Active: Wind Chant: Immune to all Physical Damage. Last 2s. (Duration becomes half when used by non-marksmen). CD 70s.


You can use Wind of Nature against Ling to avoid his high damage. This is very helpful because Ling has a physical burst damage for which you should have a lot of answers.

For marksman heroes this is also quite important. Because the marksman hero is often the target of Ling who has high burst and mobility. With Wind, you can avoid Ling’s damage and combos using this Ling Mobile Legends (ML) counter item.

Winter Truncheon

+400 Health Points
+25 Physical Defense
+60 Magic Power
Frozen: Freeze upon using. The hero can’t do anything but will be immune to all DMG and debuff. Last 2s, CD 100s


If you are a magic hero player you can also use Winter Truncheon against Ling. This item is also not so bad because you can use it to avoid high damage from the Ling combo that he issued.

Of course you also have to be careful considering Ling could be waiting for you. But this item is effective in teamfights because you can delay the ult’s time running out when using Winter Truncheon before being killed by him.

Queen’s Wings

+900 Health Points
+25 Physical Attack
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive
Demonize: Reduces damage taken 20% when health is less than 40% and increases your Spell Vamp by 25% for 5s. This effect has a cooldown of 60s.


For spellvamp heroes, they must bring this item. In addition to providing a very strong and good stat, this item also provides a strong effect on the passive. You can use this item to avoid death.

This item also provides damage reduction and additional spell vamp which can be very useful when fighting Ling. For hero users, you can use it to fight back against Ling in your game later with this Ling Mobile Legends (ML) counter item.

Blade Armor

+90 Physical Defense
Unique Passive
Bladed Armor: When receiving Basic Attacks, reflects 25% of the damage taken (excluding damage reduction) to the attackers, slowing them down by 15% for 1s.


Blade Armor is a very powerful Ling counter item. Because this item can reverse Ling’s damage which is very painful to him. This item is suitable for tankers who need additional sustain.

With high armor and strong passive it will certainly be very useful. Ling’s damage is very painful in his auto attack which you can use with this item. Very well used against Ling.

Twilight Armor

+1200 Health Points
+400 Mana
+20% Crit Damage Reduction
Unique Passive
Defiance: Triggers after taking over 600 Physical Damage, to reduce Physical Damage taken by 20%, dealing True Damage equal to 20 + 4% of the hero’s Max HP to nearby enemies every second. Lasts for 3s. Has a 6s Cooldown


Twilight Armor can also be an alternative item for sustain heroes. While you can’t enjoy the old passives of the powerful Twilight, the current passives are also effective. You guys get high stats against Ling.

Anti crit is also very strong for Ling considering that he will give high crit damage. In addition, from passive you can give Ling reversed damage. This damage is relatively high and even stacks with Blade Armor.

Those are some counter items for Ling Mobile Legends (ML) that you can use. These items are very strong and effective, of course, which can be very useful when you fight Ling in Mobile Legends later. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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