5 Themed Oceans Skins of Mobile Legends (ML)

Will provide information to all of you. So make sure not to miss all these skins, so that we can later become stronger than before.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of cool skins with interesting effects that you really have to see right now. Moreover, 5 Skin Themed Oceans of Mobile Legends (ML), cool enough for you to try to see. Because by using a theme like this, we will see that the Hero does have a cool effect like this. Will provide information to all of you. So make sure not to miss all these skins, so that we can later become stronger than before.

Surely it will make the Hero even more different, if you really use it with an interesting Skin. We can indeed find a variety of things now, even with some of the uniqueness of their skins, they will definitely make you interested too.

Karina – Black Pearl

For this first skin, you can see Karina Black Pearl, which is very good for a very cool appearance. Why is this Hero Skin part of the Great Ocean? because the appearance of the Skin is also related to Pirates.

Yup, because Karina Black Pearl has a very cool Ocean Skin Theme for the hero. Even for the ability of the Great Ocean that you can use, if you really want to look like a strong captain.

This Skin type is Starlight, so you can get it in the Starlight Feature Version or the Fragment Shop right now. Don’t worry, this Black Pearl is really cool, it’s going to make Karina stronger than ever.

Franco – Bone Crusher

Even Hero Franco himself is a Viking who explores the ocean without any fear at all serving the atmosphere. Even with Franco’s Bone Crusher Skin like this, it will definitely make you strong as a true Viking.

Because of his own appearance, Franco shows off his true Viking outfit with a large beard and a special Viking Hat. Dominant as the clothes of the Vikings who are very strong and become a leader, you may feel interested in having the Skin in the match.

So that you can get this skin, you can’t have it anymore, because it only appears in special circumstances for the first S21 Top Up. Even though the Normal skin is without any changes at all, of course you will become stronger to explore the ocean.

Bane – Deep Sea Monster

The hero named Bane has the nickname as a dangerous Octopus who has guarded the Ocean for a long time and finally rises again. Even the Bane Deep Sea Monster, also shows the appearance of the very strong Bane Hero for you to use when competing.

This skin still carries an appearance of Bane as a Green Octopus, even has a Cannon Claw with a large sword. There will be no mercy to all those who have dealt with him when they see this.

Even if you want to have this Skin, just check the Normal Hero Shop section for 259 Diamonds to have it right now.

Luo Yi – Siren Priestess

It is the Starlight Skin that is owned by Luo Yi, even bringing the ocean theme which is clearly visible at the beginning of seeing the Skin. Of course from here it looks clear, if it is a skin that is classified as a pretty cool theme. So you can also use it very well because of the effect too.

So it’s no wonder why Luo Yi himself is really pretty cool, so you guys can try it right away. Because the battle from the Luo Yi Effect is getting really exciting, so those of you who use it will make the ocean theme feel even better.

Yi Sun Shin – Fleet Warden

Yi Sun Shin’s ability to rule the ocean, finally united with the Skin that had the name Fleet Warden because it merged with that power. So those of us who wear this skin, will see that Yi Sun Shin is the protector of the oceans because of his strength. Become a very powerful prince with his power.

Water Arrow is very deadly in carrying out attacks, of course this makes it a good Skin. Moreover, from the effect of the attack, it looks very fitting for this theme the vast ocean or the kingdom of the ocean.

That’s why some of the 5 Broad Ocean Themed Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), it is clear that the Vast Ocean is indeed very strong. So you yourself must be interested and want to get one of them from a skin that has a theme like that. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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