5 Tips on How to Effectively Use M82B in Free Fire, Destroy Your Enemies!

The M82B is proven to be one of the deadliest weapon. It can destroy particularly anything in the game. Don't forget to properly use this weapon. And you can try using this weapon with these tips below!


Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. This game is quite popular in Indonesia and has a lot of players worldwide. There are many weapons that you can use in the game, and every weapons and characters combination will have different results regarding the playing style of the player. In Free Fire, you will also have some upgrades like character skills and pet skills.

When you look for a weapon in Free Fire, you can find it in various places like houses, dead bodies, streets, and if you’re lucky, you’ll manage to find supply drop that will give you rare weapon. By finding this weapon, you will have the advantage over your opponent in the match.

This game is always properly updated, proven by the enormous amount of daily login as much as 80 million. And it’s considered as one of the best games in 2020. Making it one of the best achievement the game developer has received.

5 Tips on How to Effectively Use M82B in Free Fire

The M82B is a new weapon that is quite deadly to use. And here’s some tips on how to properly use M82B in Free Fire.

1. Suitable for Long Range Capability

Sniper is the best weapon used for long range battle. However, it would not be as effective if you’re using it for close range battle. It’s because the enemy will be able to move faster in close range, and it will be harder for you to kill your enemy with a sniper. So the first thing to do when you obtain this M82B, is to keep your distance with your enemy, and use it for long range proximity when you battle your enemy. If you’re using this weapon for either medium range or even close range battle, it will not be as effective than long range battle.

2. Positioning is the Key

If you’re using a sniper in Free Fire, positioning yourself is really important in this case. Other than keeping your distance with the enemy, don’t forget to position yourself in a strategic position. This is important because if you’re in a good position, your enemy will be having difficulties finding you and you will have the advantage against the enemy.

3. Use Moco and Laura’s Skills

Moco’s role is a hacker in Free Fire. Her skills will enable her to locate the enemy position if she damages one. Meanwhile, Laura’s character skill is that you will have better accuracy while using a scope. If both of these characters in combined, it will be a deadly combination. Moreover if you wield an M82B where the weapon damage is quite dangerous, plus the accuracy will enhance and the enemy will be able to be located.

4. Pay Attention to the Secondary Weapon

In Free Fire, you can wield both primary and secondary weapon. If you’re using a sniper rifle like the M82B, make sure that you wield an assault rifle for the secondary weapon to anticipate the enemy in medium to close range.

5. Penetrate Your Enemy Hiding Behind a Gloo Wall

The ability of this weapon is that this weapon gives a huge damage taken by the enemy. Even if the enemy is hiding behind the gloo wall. So the M82B can effectively penetrate the enemy’s gloo wall. The damage rate of this weapon is around 80% so the enemy will not be safe even though they’re hiding behind the gloo wall.

And that’s how you properly use this weapon to effectively kill your enemy. The M82B is dangerous for long range battle, and it can even penetrate the enemy hiding behind a gloo wall. So good luck when you find this weapon in Free Fire!