5 Tips to Booyah in Free Fire

If you’re a beginner, it will be slightly difficult for you to gain rank. Because your loss will affect your rank.


Up until now, there are more than 25 million Free Fire users worldwide. The updates and recent development is worth to try, and there will be even more updates to come. Here we have some tips for you to Booyah for you beginners.

Some Booyah Tips For Beginners

Garena is quite consistent on updating the game, and keep on fixing every bugs that emerges in the game. There are so many challenges and game modes that you can try in the game. Especially rank mode, where if you lose, then your rank is at stake!

Land in a Less Crowded Area

First of all, you mustn’t land in a crowded area, due to the high risk of you getting killed instantly. A crowded area will give you less chance to Booyah so make sure to avoid it if you’re not ready for the pressure there.

Find Your Favorite Weapon

After you land, try to find the gun that you liked the most, and equip it with the attachment that suits you best. If not, try to survive with any weapon you can find.

Camp? You’ll Die Soon!

Making a move from one place to the other is a great way for you to survive in the game. You can keep up with the safe zone while doing so.

Don’t Forget to Pay Attention to the Map!

Mini map will help you navigate throughout the game and help you navigate in the game. You can also detect enemies with the mini map, where nearby enemies is shown in footsteps logo, enemy gunshots will be indicated with bullets logo, and approaching enemy vehicles is indicated in wheels logo.

Find A Vehicle

With a vehicle, you can move fast from one point to another, and you can also use your vehicle for defense mechanism. You surely need to check out the best vehicle in Free Fire 2020. Not only that, you can also kill your enemy while in a vehicle.

Well, that’s how you can easily Booyah in your first game as a beginner.