5 Tips to Play Using Hero Edith Mobile Legends (ML)

So that your game is getting better and better. Because Edith's ability is strong, it can be very deadly if she plays it right.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates from existing heroes and events. As well as the presence of 5 Tips to Play Using Hero Edith Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely feel easier when you understand it. Not only that, if indeed Edith has very diverse advantages. So that your game is getting better and better. Because Edith’s ability is strong, it can be very deadly if she plays it right.

Especially for the matches that you will face later, you will definitely feel that power in battle. So that those of us who fight it must find it difficult, as long as you will be able to help in the battle very easily.

Build Tanks More Main Focus

First we really have to be able to focus on the Tank Build, because it is the main Build that is present on Edith’s hero. And his abilities will also feel very strong, if we use the Hero with a comparison like this.

Because you will really help the team in War, even in robot or human mode. Because we also know that Edith is a strong Marksman Tank version, but of course defense is the main thing for a Tank like Edith.

Movement Prediction For CC Skills

In this hero there is a CC Skill for Skill 1 and 2 for Robot and Skill 2 only for the Marksman version. If you really use Hero Edith, just make sure to immediately understand the predictions of the enemy’s movements.

Because this is very important for Hero Edith users, so that later when fighting they can trap enemies easily. Because considering that Edith’s CC itself is quite disturbing, it can make opponents irritated and difficult to escape.

Use Ultimate When Certain Conditions

There is also the right time when you want to use the Ultimate from Edith’s hero, so that your game becomes more and more well maintained. Given that Edith’s Ultimate is a long-range attack and knockback of the enemy, then there are several positions suitable for using the ultimate.

When you are in war and the Skill 1-2 position has been used, then when you want to run away from the pursuit of an approaching enemy. Then you can also be in a position to chase enemies who are trying to escape, even when War is also for damage, we can really rely on it.

Position to be a Team Shield

As long as Esportsku uses Hero Edith, it turns out that being a Team Shield is like a great source of power too. The problem is that the more often we hit the enemy, the more damage Edith can give when the ultimate is going to be even bigger.

It really feels that way, because the white bar itself will fill up very quickly if it’s often hit by enemy damage. So it’s no wonder why Build Tank focus is important, so that later you can more easily fight the enemy.

Always Spam Skills To Get Sick

Edith’s passive is to give an electric chain attack to the enemy, so it’s easy to deal massive damage. Then that’s why Edith prefers Spam Skills, later when Robot or Human Mode all attacks are still connected passively.

Let’s imagine if you’re in war and gathering, surely Edith can be very strong and not easily fall. Dealing damage to a large and deadly opponent, this will indeed affect the player.

After knowing 5 Tips to Play Using Hero Edith Mobile Legends (ML), you won’t be confused anymore by using it. Great power to face opponents while fighting, it will become easier with this Spam skill. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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