6 Best Leomord Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Maybe it will be a very good collection. So that we are interested in collecting one of them, and getting to know what is contained in the skin of the hero.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to use. Even the appearance of the 6 Best Leomord Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, is indeed classified as something so interesting. Because you can use Hero Leomord with the best Skin right now. Maybe it will be a very good collection. So that we are interested in collecting one of them, and getting to know what is contained in the skin of the hero.

In fact there was still much about the Horseman Hero Leomord, possessing a ruthless but changed power. Remembering the latest version, it does explain that this Leomord will eventually return in human form to become better.

Hell Knight / Swim Sword

Now in this default skin version, Leomord has 2 names because the other one is already the result of the latest Revamp. Hell Knight is the name of this Skin before getting Revamp, featuring Leomord Soul without a pleasant expression and full of death only.

His gaze was serious and had an Abyss-like innate Theme, the Horse still looked like it was without good strength. Hell Knight itself is a creation of Vexana, but because of the Revamp Vexana itself turns it into a Human just like Leomord too. This skin is still in a black form that is so deadly, even on the armor.

After getting the Revamp, Leomord got a name change on his Skin to Swom Sword. The shape and appearance itself has become like a Human, even a bodyguard of every Vexana who is a Queen.

Leomord was wearing a royal battle horse, as well as a much shinier clean Armor outfit. This skin is only available when you buy the hero, either Hell Knight or Swom Sword, it’s still the same, just changed because of the Revamp update.

Phantom Knight

Leomord’s Normal Skin appearance, Phantom Knight is a Dark Knight who overcomes problems from the shadows. In terms of shape and theme, there is indeed a relationship like the Abyss as well and remains as a subordinate of the great Vexana.

If in Revamp’s own form, it doesn’t look full yet, it’s just that this appearance is full of very cool. The dark color that is so strong from Leomord, will definitely bring a lot of connection and so much power to face any opponent without hesitation.

If you want to get this skin, just take out approximately 259 Diamonds because the type is Normal. But sometimes it appears for free also in an Event and even Lucky Spin in the shop that you can get from that place.

Frostborn Paladin

A completely Human Skin for Leomord, the Frostborn Paladin has the theme of a supreme army of the kingdom. From the name itself, we already know that the Frostborn Paladin comes from a very cold hill, no one even dares to approach.

An equestrian knight who is never afraid of anything, Leomord guides his team to defend against enemy attacks. Even fighting them wasn’t a problem either, Leomord’s horse also had the power as white as Snow and looked dashing. Giving off every icy white Aura from every single one of his bodies, symbolizing Leomord’s white clothes were something pure.

We can get this skin only from the Starlight Feature, if you want to have it written with Starlight Type on the Skin. But if for example you want free without having a Starlight Title, then you can exchange 200 Rare Fragments in the Shop.

Triumph – Eagle

A very gallant equestrian Prince, Leomord Triumph Eagle comes with a tough appearance without any fear. Even as a strong person, Leomord can eradicate every Enemy with his Horse to fight the enemy.

Leomord and his Horse were wearing a Silver Armor with a very strong red Gold color. Then a long weapon that shines brightly, made by the best royal smiths in order to survive in war. Like bringing peace to many people, Triump Eagle is a really good skin.

Players can only get this skin through the MSC Tournament Pass, so we can’t get it back for now. Even though the appearance of MSC also never reappears, so this type of Special Skin is already very rare.

Inferno Soul

Depicts a Soul that has no Purpose, even lives in a Hell where only a few dark creatures survive. Leomord with the appearance of Inferno Soul has the appearance of a knight who can burn anything, even from his appearance he is hardly different from a cruel demon.

Leomord has red and black eyes, as well as orange red hair like molten lava and sharp horns. His armor was golden brown which shone a little in the dark, then part of the weapon itself had a fiery flaming color that was so intense. The horse is shaped from hellish rock, and the armor is not much different from blazing fire.

Of course of its own type is Epic, only available in the Lucky Box that appears in the Return Phase for now. Even the player’s opportunity to get the prize is no longer there, other than through Draw, which is indeed the prize itself is uncertain.

Jack o Lantern

The terror that Jack o Lantern inflicted on everyone on Halloween continues with this Leomord Skin. Showing Leomord with his Pumpkin Head running non-stop and taking it off as well, then putting it back on and posing with his Horse.

Full of powerful Armor, a sword that ignites and gives off a golden Aura. Leomord was completely just a Fire soul covered in gold and black Iron Armor, his horse had sharp and black horns. Having Armor is also like a death horse messing up Halloween.

For only 749 Diamonds, you can receive this Skin in the Shop right now. A good opportunity for players if you want to have it now, but sometimes it appears in free events that are not very erratic.

After seeing the 6 Best Leomord Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, maybe you are interested in getting one of them right now. Is a cool Leomord Skin, even after the revamp update or the old version is also in the current version. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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