6 Latest Transformers Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

It's pretty good for you movie fans too. Because some of the skins that appear now also have a different impression, but they are still of high quality for you to use while competing.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try right now. As well as bringing up the 6 Latest Transformers Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), it will indeed be the newest collection as well. Because it shows that some of these skins look very cool and very good. It’s pretty good for you movie fans too. Because some of the skins that appear now also have a different impression, but they are still of high quality for you to use while competing.

Of course this is a cool update for Mobile Legends, because it released several new special Skins. So that the players will also have the opportunity, so that later they can have the opportunity to be able to have the Skin and immediately use it too.

Johnson – Optimus Prime

This hero named Johnson managed to receive a Skin from the leader of the Autobots named Optimus Prime. Making it a very cool skin with various effects, doesn’t make the appearance and skin itself look normal anyway.

Even Optimus Prime, which you can see for yourself, is indeed similar to the one in the cartoon for this collaboration. Optimus does use this model, there is even a red color that is still the same as well as his mainstay weapons, axes and shields.

This skin changes a skill that Johnson has, even when you use Skill 1 or Skill 2. It symbolizes the Autobots Logo as a sign that Optimus Prime is a leader, even when Ultimate takes out a very large area full of electricity.

Become the first Transformers Part Collaboration Skin that has many fans, even surpassing his Epic Johnson Wrecking Skin. Esportsku also admits that Optimus Skin is very different from the others.

XBorg – Bumblebee

One of the Autobots who has the full trust of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee who is the newest Skin from Hero X-Borg. Displaying the Original Bumblebee Cartoon shape, of course, makes this Skin a distinct advantage when you use it too.

A Yellow Sports Car Type, Bumblebee attacks enemies with Electricity. Giving a lot of power and also the Energon vault that appears through his Passive, will restore HP a lot.

Then the ultimate will make a round by turning into a car, dealing damage to the enemy in large numbers. When an explosion occurs, the Autobots symbol will appear with another Yellow color accompaniment. This is the first Collaborative Skin to appear, with Optimus and the Enemy Autobots, Megatron.

Granger – Megatron

The following Latest Transformers Skin is Granger who does have a very strong shot attack, it becomes a force that Megatron imitates so that it becomes the Skin of the Hero. Then have a Megatron Skin which also looks very strong, even a cruel appearance that is indelible on this Skin.

Megatron also has several Electric Flow Effects on his body, as well as a large Weapon on his right arm. The Decepticon emblem is also on the chest, thus showing that he is the only Decepticon leader who ever existed.

Each Skill has a different Effect, even when the Ultimate turns into a very large silver Tank. Deals 3 shots with each bullet giving an electron explosion, spawning a deep purple Decepticon symbol.

Because being a Leader, of course appearing in the first Phase Collaboration becomes something natural. Moreover, Tanks with enormous destructive power, this first appearance makes Optimus and Bumblee have to be able to stop their movements first.

Aldous – Starscream

Then there is Aldous who managed to receive a Collaboration Skin to place Starscream in that section for you to use. In fact, making this Skin so suitable, because of the power they give to Hits and targets the Target quickly.

After Aldous received the Starscream Skin, Skill 1 experienced a change in Effect that was so big and felt really. The power collected from Skill 2, of course, makes Starscream also very strong in exploding it again as a great power.

Then the Ultimate will target 1 target opponent, turn himself into a plane and attack him quickly. Remember in this Skin the effect changes the Ultimate as well which becomes a Radar Target Point and the ultimate sound is not heard at all.

Popol & Kupa – Soundwave & Ravage

In the Mobile Legends game Popol & Kupa are best friends, then receive Soundwave & Ravage Skins which are the best partners. Who would not have thought that Soundwave and Ravage entered into this collaboration, together with Starscream helping Megatron in the Decepticon battle.

Of course, in its own form, Ravage is a Cassette Tape, while Soundwave is a form of Radio Tape. So when the animation calls Ravage, this Soundwave will turn into Radio Tape and remove Ravage from his body.

The effects they provide in the match are very cool, because they are full of modern Robot elements. Even Esportsku as a Popol and Kupa User, I really like this Skin for you to get in the game because the skill effects are quite diverse.

Roger – Grimlock

A spooky and powerful Autobot, the sometimes witty Grimlock is said to be a collaboration skin for Roger. Yup, it’s a Skin that has 2 forms, first in the Robot Version then the second in the Dinobot Version which is White Gold.

This skin is quite cool too, because the animation effect changes and also the Skill 2 Effect which will launch the Autobots symbol. Some of the attacks are quite unique from the Grimlock Skin, then there are many others to help Optimus and Bumblebee in battle.

Taking the theme directly from the cartoon for Skin Transformers Mobile Legends, Grimlock does look very strong and is never afraid of anything. Even though this change is a Dinobot, it is very strong and if you use the skill, the enemy will not be able to escape from this Grimlock.

That’s how the 6 Latest Transformers Skins in Mobile Legends (ML) appeared, coming from Phases 1 and 2 which are both cool in some ways. Even the Collaboration has become the final part, just like some of the Collaboration Skins that have appeared before as well. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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