8 Pets for the Best Meta Revive Free Fire (FF)

So that you don't have any difficulties at all when competing. Especially with a Pet like this, the character's ability will be stronger than before in Revive.


Free Fire has released a lot of great updates which of course you shouldn’t miss. Included with 8 Pets for the Best Meta Revive Free Fire (FF), one of the opportunities to make you stronger. Because by using Pet Meta Revive like this, players will definitely be more flexible to turn on friends. So that you don’t have any difficulties at all when competing. Especially with a Pet like this, the character’s ability will be stronger than before in Revive.

Because there are certain conditions too, so you don’t lose too much in games like this now. Because there are several opportunities and exciting matches, if you later use all of them from now on, yes.


As one of the Alien type pets in the Free Fire game, Moony turned out to be very good in Meta Revive this time. Because of the ability of his passive skill, it seems that Moony can make you more invulnerable when Revive.

Moony will protect us by raising Defend to be large, it happens if you use something ticking circle. For example, when you are using the Medic Kit and Revive, you will not receive major damage during the process to make it more secure.

But still, even if you provide defense like this, you also have to be careful with enemies who attack in a row.


Then next you can use Pet Rockie to play in this Meta Revive. Of course friends in the Squad will feel the effects of your character’s skills continuously, because this pet will reduce the Cooldown of using character skills greatly.

Especially if you use Dimitri and Alok Characters, one of the great foundations of Meta Revive today. Surely their skill to provide assistance to friends, would definitely be greater than before now.


As a pet that can protect your friends and yourself, it’s true that Robo is quite multifunctional nowadays. Meta Revive will of course be helped by this skill, because Robo will later issue an additional Shield which Gloo Wall will receive heavily.

Of course, when you install a gloo wall to revive, we can be protected by the Pet Robot’s Skill. It’s just that it can still be penetrated by a strong enemy attack, so you have to quickly Revive before it is destroyed.

According to my Esports advice, you have to install 2 Gloo Walls so that later the defense will be stronger than before.


The enemy does have a very far distance, if you want to revive make sure to install this Gloo Wall far away. Try to keep the enemy’s view closed, even this prevents the M82B Weapon from hitting you accurately.

Therefore, this pet, named Beaston, is indeed quite superior and will be easier to deal with enemies who compete later. Have to be careful with all this, because the Pet Beaston is very good for things like this.


As a pet of this type of turtle, it is not wrong to have great strength that is good for protection. Because this Pet Skill called Flash will protect the back from damage, a minimum total of 150 enemy damage. Under any circumstances, you will be protected by this back when competing.

Especially when doing Revive, of course a good position is to turn your back to the Enemy for that. If the enemy later attacks you, there is no need to be afraid that our defenses will be penetrated because this is to help friends.

It’s really suitable, isn’t it, we have to use Flash as a Meta Revive that you can use when competing later.


Then the Pet Revive recommendation that my Esports gave is the Yeti, of course this Pet is quite good and strong in the match later. Even if you fight enemies who use explosive weapons, of course this Pet is quite helpful when you are doing Revive.

But you have to be careful with opponents who keep attacking with explosions, because this Yeti isn’t that strong for a long time. Just protect your friends first, before you don’t get a large total damage from the effects of enemy attacks later.

Mr Waggor

Mr Waggor’s pet that you will use when competing later, it will definitely feel stronger and you should definitely try it. Because indeed Mr Waggor when you use it when competing later, surely the taste will be more different too.

Including Mr Waggor, who often gives quick Gloo Walls to friends, this will protect players from Revive. Make the best use of this Pet later, so you don’t feel confused about gifts like that right now.

Based on Esportsku experience in playing Meta Revive, it turns out that Ottero is also very good for you to use later. Because of Ottero’s ability in Meta, you must get additional support from the character skills that you have to do.

When doing this Revive, later the Pet will give Heal to friends in small amounts. Heal is the main addition of HP that appears, but there are Energy Points that you can get friends.

Of course the Pet that you will use depends on the circumstances, but if you want to be stronger, you have to Revive your best friend. So that later this Meta Revive is present, we will not miss the fun with the pet.

After knowing the 8 Pets for the Best Meta Revive Free Fire (FF), it will indeed make the characters and squads safer. Of course, with the Squad that you play later, it won’t be difficult to face opponents using this Meta. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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