8 Powerful Heroes of Fighter ML Top Pick in Season 16 of Mobile Legends


Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends is very identical to his fighting endurance. This hero has a high hp thickness, hard and hard to beat. There are 8 Powerful Heroes of Fighter ML Top Pick in Season 16 of Mobile Legends that you can use while playing.

As a Fighter Mobile Legends user, of course you have to choose a suitable hero in various ways. Be it a lot of hp, high damage, a pretty heavy lifesteal and others. Well here are the fighters who are often picked by ML players in Season 16.

On this occasion we will give some fighter heroes who become subscriptions to Top Pick in Mobile Legends games. The heroes below are often on the meta list with their large and deadly damage capabilities.

Strongest Fighter Hero ML Top Pick in Season 16 of Mobile Legends

This time, the strongest fighter heroes who are often the mainstay of Top Pick in Season 16 of Mobile Legends, with the ability to fight to great damage, here we are the list.

X Borg

It is a modified human. X.Borg is a battle-ready Cyborg. This hero has a slight hp thickness but is hard to beat. X.Borg has only half the HP bar. With his skill Firaga Armor is quite difficult to beat.

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Badang is a typical Indonesian hero who has a very high damage area. This hero becomes one of the best locked heroes you can play in Mobile Legends.


Leomord is one of the heroes with troublesome abilities. This hero is quite popular because it is very reliable when the war lasts.

Deadly attacks as well as thick blood make anyone who wears this hero invincible. No wonder he became the most frequent hero in season 16 of Mobile Legends.

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Terizla : Fighter Top Pick Mobile Legends

Is a fighter hero with increasing damage capability. This hero has skills that will attract enemies within range of his area. Terizla is perfect for you to play.


Chou is one of the fighter heroes with terrible isolation skills. This hero has the ultimate that can kill enemy heroes and thicken them. Chou is perfect for initiators.


It is one of the heroes that is quite widely used. Alucard has the advantage of his big attack as well as a heavy lifesteal. This hero has earned a new buff in season 16. Until it is not wrong if he is in the ranks of the most played heroes today.

Dyrroth : Fighter Top Pick Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is a fairly new hero in Mobile Legends. His own skills rely heavily on his high burst damage attacks. This hero is the same hero as alucard but appears more fierce and cool.

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Aldous is the sickest hero to date. How not, this hero can kill enemies in just one attack. Although only a fighter, Aldous is better suited to being an assassin because sill kills him very quickly.


Well that’s some of the best Fighter heroes who were made Top Pick by Mobile Legends players in Season 16 today. Of course, some of the above heroes are the best fighter heroes you can play right now.

Hero fighter is indeed a reliable hero for oflaner as well as the best initiator who advances first before the marksman hero, the absence of fighter hero can make the game chaotic and easy to lose.

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