Alucard Quotes, The Sadistic Killer In Mobile Legends (ML)

These words are from Alucard's voice during the game which when playing he will make a sound like below.


Alucard is one of the Fighter hybrid Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends which is very popular among Indonesian gamers thanks to his unique words. This time there are many people who imitate Alucard’s Quotes and make it a daily style, both in games and social media. So for that, this time the complete Alucard Quotes that you can find in the Mobile Legends game are as follows.

These words are from Alucard’s voice during the game which when playing he will make a sound like below.

Alucard is one of the heroes who has a very high lifesteal. This hero has a handsome and elegant appearance, but apparently, all of Alucard’s words in Mobile Legends are very sadistic, you know.

Some of you must have known the words that Alucard often said when he was being selected. Even these words have become a joke for some Mobile Legends gamers. Well, here are a series of Alucard Quotes in Mobile Legends.

Nothing Last Forever, We can change the Future

That is, nothing lasts forever, and we can change the future. It is a wise word from Alucard, these words are the quotes of many Mobile Legends players.

Hey Hey. Not bad!

Meaning Hey Hey, Not bad / Not too bad. Alucard usually says the word when dealing with enemies. He considers the enemy is not bad in fighting either.

These words can certainly have various meanings, yes. Starting from he really thought that his enemy’s game was not bad or even like a mocking expression because of his enemy’s defeat.

Killing is always better than giving mercy.

Alucard’s words “Killing is always better than forgiveness”. With these words, it seems that Alucard is a sadistic and unforgiving person to every enemy. He became killing is an art for him.

Everything will come to an end.

“Everything will end”, the word has the meaning that all things will end and nothing lasts forever.

Enjoy your last meal.

“Please enjoy your last meal” The meaning of the word from the food is not food in general. This indicates that before he is targeted by Alucard, have fun before I kill you.

Let me show you the art of killing!

“Let me show you the meaning of the art of killing.” Very cool isn’t it? Not only sadistic and unforgiving. He is also confident in his killing ability.

I don’t want to die

“I don’t want to die” This word is often said when Alucard is killed in battle. But besides that, he also often says ugh which indicates he is falling weak. Usually this comes out when your HP is low and also indicates that Alucard will die in the near future.

I’ll never be your friends!

“I will never be your friend” With these words, it indicates that he is a sadistic killer and cannot be made friends.

So that’s all Alucard Mobile Legends Quotes along with their meanings. Hopefully this discussion can entertain those of you who are at home. Hope it is useful.  Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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