10 Most Dreaded Mobile Legends (MLBB) Players in Indonesia (ML)

Esportsku this time will provide the five most feared MLBB players in Indonesia. Now for those of you who meet the following players, one of the things you can do is just press the surrender button.


For those of you who are Mobile Legends game enthusiasts, you must be familiar with some of the most feared rows of Mobile Legends (MLBB) players in Indonesia. Because his presence as an opposing team will bring catastrophic defeat for you. Esportsku this time will provide the five most feared MLBB players in Indonesia. Now for those of you who meet the following players, one of the things you can do is just press the surrender button.

This row of Mobile Legends players have skills above average, some of them are former pro players and influencers, of course, have a very good role in the Mobile Legends leaderboard.

Here are some of the most feared Mobile Legends (MLBB) players in Indonesia!


Lemon is an RRQ Hoshi player who currently rarely plays for his team, Lemon himself is often called an alien because of his ability to play Mobile Legends, if you meet Lemon in a ranked game, then you will lose.

Not only you, some streams, influencers and even pro players will be reluctant to meet lemons, the game win rate that is owned by the Mobile Legends account is almost perfect, he rarely loses in games.

Jess No Limit

Jess No Limit started her career with Saints in the MCL tournament first, after which she joined EVOS Esports and played in MPL for only a few seasons. Due to Jess’s popularity in playing Fanny, he became increasingly famous and later created a YouTube account.

Approaching MPL ID Season 5, Jess decided to leave EVOS Legends and focus as an influencer, now Jess is focusing on creating Mobile Legends game content, but until now, Jess is still a very feared player.


Next is Oura, who is Jess No Limit’s colleague when she joined the Esports Mobile Legends team. Oura is one of the players who is feared for his skill in playing Assassins heroes.

He is also called the father of Assassins, which means he can play assassin heroes well, starting from Fanny, Hayabusa and other difficult heroes. Unfortunately, after the M1 tournament and becoming a champion, Oura retired and focused on becoming a Content Creator.


Donkey is an EVOS Legends manta player who is very good at playing as a tanker, he is also a former Oura and Jess No Limit when he was in EVOS. His also won the M1 tournament with Oura.

His most feared ability is where he plays the hero Chou, his skill at playing will always make the opponent’s core unable to survive a match.

Noob Queen

Then there is Noob Queen who is a very reliable player in playing Fanny, he was included in the Fanny hero leaderboard and shifted ZXUAN as the best Fanny player in the world.

Currently Noob Queen officially joins Alter Ego, Noob Queen who is often referred to as Dwi Woii is a creator with the team.


Albert is definitely on this list. The MVP in the regular season of MPL ID season 7 succeeded in making RRQ a terrible team. Even having slumped at the start of the season, RRQ managed to fly to third place.

Ling Albert’s game even made the opponent run into chaos. Often he gets respect banned so that Ling’s use in MPL is quite small. It’s tough against a carry that’s terrible at its mechanics.


Don’t give Sanz YSS or Bruno because he is terrible when he plays them. Sanz is currently one of the best young players in MPL and ONIC certainly cannot be underestimated.

Sang has great mechanics and this helps him when playing as a core. His accurate fingers make Sanz very hard to beat. ONIC deserves to take first place in MPL ID season 7 thanks to him.


One of the best midlaner and support players, Udil has great flexibility. Alter Ego is often helped by its excellent rotation and decision making. It’s hard to play against Udil in his top form.

Udil can take advantage of a little space that is even difficult to use. With his expertise, Udil deserves to be on this list.


One of the seniors in the world of Mobile Legends, Rekt is one of the best players in ML. Not only carry, he can also play support and tanks. Being able to play any role makes him very strong.

Rekt also has a high mechanic and game sense and is very strong when playing. EVOS won several times when Rekt got his comfort pick which really helped the team.


Often said to be Aerowolf’s carry, every time he plays well, it’s actually not wrong. As a team, Aerowolf is a strong team, but with the addition of their Watt, they are even more solid.

Watt has an excellent gamesense and is probably the most well-disciplined player at Aerowolf. The game often makes Aerowolf win against big teams.

So that’s it for some of the most feared MLBB players in Indonesia. From some of the players above, which is your favorite player? Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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