Build Item And Rune Braum LOL Wild Rift

Not only played as support, because as a tanker Braum has a terrible ultimate. He can give high CC with the right placement to turn things around.


For those of you who are looking for the very strong Braum Wild Rift runes and build items, we will provide them. Braum is a very strong and impactful champion support tanker. He is a reliable protector of team members thanks to his damage block and buff.

Not only played as support, because as a tanker Braum has a terrible ultimate. He can give high CC with the right placement to turn things around. Surely combining with other champions such as Yasuo, Fizz, Miss Fortune, and others will be more effective.

For those who are curious about the runes and build items, take it easy because we will provide it here and we explain it so that you don’t get confused anymore. Certainly it will be very useful for those of you who want to play using Braum in the Wild Rift. Very reliable thanks to the skillset.


  • Font of Life
  • Weakness
  • Loyalty
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Winter Approach
  • Mercury Treads
  • Protector Vow
  • Zekes Convergence
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Warmog’s Armor
  • Gargoyle Enchant


Here, let’s discuss the runes and build items for Braum Wild Rift. As a support tanker, there are really only two things you have to pay attention to, position and timing. As long as you master these two things, there will be no problem in your game using it.



For the choice of runes, Braum has quite a variety of choices. But try to use the ones below to have a big impact as a support tanker. He will stick to the team members, especially the ADC and rune, which you need.


Font of Life

This rune can help braum in helping ADC fill blood. When you give CC to an enemy, this rune will mark them. If your friend’s Champion attacks an enemy who has this mark, their health will increase, as much as 3% of the blood of this rune user, Braum.



Braum will utilize Weakness with very high potency. With the effect of weakness which of course will be very important for the team, Braum can open a fight or a gang more consistently. The 5% damage bonus can be active continuously thanks to the skillset



Loyalty in the Braum runeset will be very useful considering that Braum will always stick to his team members. This AR and MR enhancing effect will always be active and will also stack with his 2 skills which also increase AR MR.


Hunter Pack

Just like Loyalty, where Braum will always stick to his team members, Braum will really take advantage of runes that have good synergy. Extra gold and MVSPD which are quite good because they can continue to be active if you use Braum properly.



Item Build

The build items are actually not very varied. You will focus on sustain that makes Braum hard to beat. If you fight, you have lots of AD focused AR, if lots of AP focus on MR, if it’s a mix of balancing. The most important thing is that you take the core support items.


Winter Approach

The Winter Approach will be especially strong as Braum’s first item. With high armor, high mana, and high CDR, of course it will be very useful for Braum who is thirsty. But what you are aiming for is when you become a winter where your armor will be exorbitant thanks to the conversion.


Mercury Treads

For the choice of shoes, he is quite free to buy what. Braum will generally buy Mercury for its tenacity which is quite high and will do a lot for him. But if you need anti-AD you can buy Ninja Tabi. But Mercury will be your first choice later.


Proctector Vow

Your support item which of course cannot be replaced just like that. Protector Vow will provide increased HP, armor, and CDR which will be very useful for him. Not only that, the Protector effect protecting the nearby champion had excellent synergy.


Zekes Convergence

Zeke is a versatile item from its stats. Armor, MR, mana, and CDR all of you. Not to mention the effect that will make Braum’s ulti terrible, making Braum an excellent initiator. High damage from Zeke which will make the ult terrible.


Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s Omen will be very important for Braum to withstand damage from ADCs and assassins on the front lines. His armor and high HP will be of use to Braum. Not only that, the reduced critical effect can be very valuable in the late game where ADCs are getting very sick.


Warmog’s Armor

Warmog will make Braum’s HP increase rapidly, very effective because it can make it stronger against AD or AP. But remember against a champion damage% HP usually gets sicker. But you buy this item to make Braum rarely come home with winter.


Gargoyle Enchant

Your enchantment choices are quite free. You can take the Gargoyle as your own tanky tool for the first choice or, Locket to provide a shield for the team, or Shadow for gank and anti-gang as well as looking for info. Just use whichever is suitable for your team.


Those are the runes and build items for Braum Wild Rift for those of you who want to use one of the best supports in this Wild Rift. Very strong thanks to his skillset, Braum is the best protector in this game. Plus a very strong ult to open the fight.


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