Ability Haste Wild Rift, The New Mechanism?

It's interesting because the Ability Haste Wild Rift comes and follows the mechanism in LoL which is more consistently used.


For you LoL players, you may be familiar with Ability Haste or AH, yes Ability Haste Wild Rift is coming as the latest update. Following in the footsteps of LoL, now the CDR has turned into AH which is quite interesting because flat reduction means that it will remove a high cap.

Maybe there will be some players who will be confused about what AH is and why CDR is changed to AH, we will explain later. In short, CDR changes to AH because of consistency. CDR with its percentage is sometimes inconsistent in cutting the cooldown.


In addition, with a CDR percentage, the greater your cooldown skill, then every 1% CDR will be very valuable, making CDR somewhat “broken”. Therefore, the CDR is even stamped to 40% to make skills less easy to disperse, especially high CD skills.

Therefore, let’s first discuss the Ability Haste Wild Rift which is available in patch 1.1 this time. In LoL,  AH has come since v10.23 which came out last November. With AH, CD reduction can be more consistent, although in the future it is a bit complicated in balancing.

The Haste Wild Rift Ability

If we talk about CDR, of course you will understand because it is quite easy to understand. CDR is arguably very good with high CD scaling skills. For example, the 10% CDR looks small, but for a moment.

The 10 second skill hit by 10% CDR is indeed small because it only takes 1 second to reduce it but 60 seconds skill becomes a 6 second reduction. Now only 10%, if reaches a 40% cap and skills that are reduced have a very high CD.

With a high potential for CDR, Riot forces a cap of 40% because your normal game may feel inclined towards stacking CDR. Therefore they issued AH.

AH is quite interesting because it has a formula in LoL like Base Cooldown × 100 ÷ (AH + 100). It looks complicated, yes, but it’s not. Let’s look at an example for easy digestibility.

For example, there is a 60 second CD skill with AH 50 it will be like this; 60 × 100 ÷ (50 + 100) = 40 CD. For skills that have a CD of 60 seconds exposed to AH 50, the CD will be only 40 seconds, cut by 20. Maximum AH you can achieve is approximately up to 300 AH, which means 60 seconds of skill can be 15 seconds.


That’s an explanation of the Ability Haste Wild Rift. Looking at the formula and perhaps being foreign will seem difficult yes, but calm. AH in my opinion is better than CDR because of good consistency and easier balancing.

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