Free Fire Final Battle Event Schedule (FF)

Means that you are ready with all this and get the prize. Because it is with these prizes, there must be many interesting prizes that of course you can have with a very large total.


Free Fire has released lots of cool prizes from events whose missions are of course easy. Including the Final Battle Free Fire (FF) Event Schedule, because from that schedule you really have to try to have it later. Because there are some interesting prizes like this, it means that you must have it right away and use it now. Means that you are ready with all this and get the prize. Because it is with these prizes, there must be many interesting prizes that of course you can have with a very large total.

You may be more enthusiastic to play, because the present event is indeed very interesting. Especially with several missions that you have to complete, of course there will be more and you shouldn’t ignore them after all of this is released.

Final Battle Event Schedule

Final Battle Special Token Exchange ( January 22 – February 6, 2022 )

For the first time, you will get an Event Token Exchange, of course there are many prizes that we can get from here. But there are 2 main prizes that you can use, if you have exchanged the prizes, you can get a Bundle Night Provocateur and a Cyber Agent Hop Skin.

But of course before you get these 2 gifts, you have to use the Token first before you can have it. Now, if it’s like this, it means that you can just exchange it immediately and according to Esportsku, it’s great for those who like free bundles.

Cumulative Play CS And BR Creative Mode Mission ( January 22 – February 1 2022 )

The prizes from this section are indeed quite good, even the total itself is quite a lot for you to collect. So my Esports advice now is to focus on this event now, so that later you don’t miss any of these prizes now.

Players will only need to play in a mode called Clash Squad and Battleroyale Crative Mode. Of course you have to just play and don’t care about winning or losing, each of these prizes you will get after the number of missions is completed.

Based on my Esports observations, you can get approximately 4 main prizes from here for cooler characters.

Play Big Head Mission ( January 24 – 27, 2022 )

You will also get a new mission from the event called Play Big Head, this is a mode that requires you to play a special mode. Only later when this mission is completed, players can immediately receive the prize directly from here.

Of course it’s not difficult to complete the mission this time, just play and you will immediately count the mission. Because we don’t need to aim to win, we can immediately get a prize called Tie Dye Bucket Hat Free Fire that you can use.

Cumulative Kill Mission ( January 26 – February 6 2022 )

The players will get a test in doing Kill to the enemy, both in any mode we can do it freely. Anyway, in this emerging mission, the player must be able to kill according to the target, then be able to get a pretty good reward.

However, it is up to you whether you are interested in the prize or not. Even though it’s very easy to solve, my Esports recommends you play Clash Squad mode because the main prize doesn’t need too many kills either.

Mabar / Cumulative Play With Friend ( January 28 – February 6 2022 )

It won’t be fun if you complete the Mission without Mabar with friends, yup, you will also get the Mission on this schedule. Precisely from January 28 to February 6 2022, we will get the opportunity to be able to complete missions with friends.

Just be patient in any mode, then receive a gift which turns out to be a Robo Pet Skin called Green Freeze. It’s also true that the prize, because Robo himself rarely gets a Skin and one that is quite forgotten in the game.

Playing In Explosive Jump Mode ( January 28 – 30, 2022 )

In this schedule, players will challenge themselves in Explosive Jump Mode, of course this will still provide attractive prizes. It turns out that if you play in this mode, you can have the opportunity to get a Royale Ticket in large quantities.

Moreover, the Explosive Jump Mode itself is indeed very cool, we will play with Explosion if we play from here. It’s just because the mode is rarely released, if you have to get used to it first and adjust the situation to a mode like this.

Peak Day Login ( 29 – 30 January 2022 )

Of course an event like this means there is such a thing as Peak Day, of course you have to have a good chance with this. Because on the Peak Day Login, you will get important prizes from here.

Players will get an important item from here, of course it will give something great.

Daily Login For 5 Days ( 31 January – 6 February 2022 )

For 5 Days you have to Login Diligently to get Universal Fragment gifts from here. Apart from that, there are several other prizes that you can find, if you always log in every day.

If you miss even 1 day, be careful because it will reduce your chances of getting rewards from here. That’s why you have to be diligent in logging into the game, even though there are no events like this at all.

Peak Day Mission ( 29 – 30 January 2022 )

Not only logging in, because players will also get missions on the upcoming Peak Day. In this event, you will get a Gloo Wall Skin that has the name Skull Punker for free.

You only need to reach Top 3 in Battleroyale battles, meaning you really have to focus on completing the mission. If indeed the mission has been completed, then we immediately accept the prize.

Cumulative Booyah Mission ( 2 – 6 February 2022 )

If you want to get a lot of prizes, of course you have to get Booyah first on this mission. Because there are several Booyah targets that you must achieve, before receiving the main prize, namely Acc Ushanka or Russian army hat.

Besides that, we can also get Booyah several times very well, if you want to be fast, you can actually do it. My Esports advice is to just play Clash Squad Mode, because from here the chances of winning and Booyah are greater, there is no mode limit that you can use for this.

Weekend Play Mission ( 5 – 6 February 2022 )

Playing on Weekend Saturday and Sunday will be fun because of this mission, because Garena will give 2 important items as the main prize later. But as for what kind of prizes, I don’t know yet, it’s only clear that this Weekend play is enough to just play.

You will get 2 gifts, for us to use in our own creations or exchange gifts. That means it has something to do with Tokens too, play in any mode to be able to complete this Mission now.

Happy Weekend Login ( 5 – 6 February 2022 )

Of course, besides you have to play on the weekend, if you are lazy, you can just use the login opportunity to get the prize. From here you will get a total of 6 Royale Tickets and special redemption Tokens, just login to get all the prizes.

If you don’t login on the 5th, then the next day it’s gone. That’s why we have to be punctual in playing Free Fire Missions and events. Because the Reset Time of this game is 4 am, for all events and missions.

Cumulative Play Mission Convoy Crunch ( 4 – 6 February 2022 )

Playing in the mode of delivering vehicles, it is very rare to hear for now. But finally you can start trying it on this Play Mission Convoy, of course you can try it after this mode is open.

The prize that players will receive if they play in the Mission Convoy Crunch later, changes to 4 Gold Tickets and 2 Incubator Royale Tickets for free. But you have to try to complete it several times before reaching the end, so that later the prizes will also increase even more.

After knowing the Final Battle Free Fire (FF) Event Schedule, you can immediately complete this mission right now. Maybe with some of the prizes that we will get, it will definitely be cooler and maybe you are excited to play it. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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