Function Layla’s Savings Box Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends,  as you know, in this game presents some interesting updates, of course. Like this time, you can find out the function of Layla’s Savings Box Mobile Legends (ML). Of course, with this you can find out.

Surely you Mobile Legends players also know that the game continues to present some interesting updates, of course you can see. It’s no wonder that this game is quite popular.

But before looking into the details in the article, you can also see  the Moonlit Crest Mobile Legends (ML) function  this time. That way you can find out what the function of one of the items in the game is.

Like in the following, we will also provide an explanation for the function of the Layla’s Savings Box in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, you can find out about this this time in the article below because it is very interesting.

Function Layla’s Savings Box Mobile Legends (ML)

For the Mobile Legends game, this time it continues to present some cool new updates, of course. Like this time there is a new feature from Weekly Diamond Pass, namely Layla’s Saving Box which functions to store diamond claims that were missed the previous day which you might have forgotten about.

That way later you won’t be missed again when claiming diamonds that you might forget to take. The diamond will be stored in the layla’s Saving Box and you can claim it again at any time so you don’t have to worry anymore about being able to claim the diamond later.

The diamond in question this time is a prize from the Weekly Diamond Pass where you subscribe to the service in the Mobile Legends game. You can use this service to get several prizes and one of them is a diamond that you can use.

That’s an explanation of the function of the Layla’s Savings Box in the Mobile Legends game this time that you can find out. Of course, with this explanation you can find out and what do you think about this explanation this time for this function in the MLBB game?