Hero User Necklace Of Durance Items Mobile Legends

Items are very important in playing Mobile Legends, to increase your hero to be stronger. The use of good items, can help you attack the enemy.


Heroes in Mobile Legends have different types of attacks. Each hero also has a selection of items that match the hero. By using certain items, you can make the hero you use stronger. You have to pay attention to the use of items in Mobile Legends, because there are things you have to pay attention to. Here we will discuss items and heroes in Mobile Legends.

Here we will give a tips about one of the items in Mobile Legends, namely, Hero User Item Necklace Of Durance Mobile Legends. This item is very important for you to use at certain times. Here we will discuss the heroes who usually use this item and the item details.


+70 Magic Power
+ 10% CD Reduction
+ 10% Spell Vamp
Passive Ability – Life Drain
-Reduces target’s HP regeneration effect by 50% when wounding it, for 3 seconds.

This Necklace of Durance is very suitable if the enemy has a healer or lifesteal. By using this item, the enemy’s HP regeneration will decrease when you attack it. That way, your enemies won’t have excessive heal, whether it’s from skill or lifesteal.

The following is a list of heroes who usually use the Necklace of Durance item when playing.


Angela has skills that can be stacked with low cooldown to spam. The skill can also increase the damage received, so that the damage the target receives is greater.


Rafaela has skills that can attack multiple targets and have a slow effect. The poke damage he does doesn’t hurt, but the CC he has is quite hard and can target many heroes.


If you use Nana as support, you can use this item. Poke damage from a distance and his moprh skills, make him strong as one of the CC supports. Plus, his AOE is also wide enough to hit many heroes.

Those are the tips about Hero Users of the Necklace Of Durance Mobile Legends item. This item can stop the enemy’s heal, and make them weaker. Indeed, this item is usually used by Hero Support. With this item alone, you can turn things around easily.

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