How to Enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends (ML)

Want to try playing Mobile Legends with various updates first, try following How to Easily Enter Mobile Legends (ML) Advanced Server.


Esportsku will provide a Guide on How to Enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends (ML). So, you should know how to get into the current ML advance server easily.

As we all know, the Mobile Legends game has two servers that players can use. The most common and you usually use is the Original server and then there is the Advanced server which is a server that is a beta update that will be present on the Original server later.

By following this guide, you can use the mobile legends features on the server. You can try heroes that have not been launched on the original server but have entered the advance server. For example, the popol and kupa heroes in mobile legends that you can use before the release on April 21, 2020 on the original server.

Guide How to Enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends (ML)

The following esportsku provides the steps to enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends (ML):

  1. Open the Mobile legends profile account, then go to account settings.
  2. Then How to Enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends (ML), click the test server at the bottom right of your screen, then an advanced ML server message appears, click enter and then restart the mobile legends apps.
  3. After logging in, you will be on the advanced server and your account will look new, different from the account on the original server.
  4. Click create a new account. Don’t worry, your original account will be different from the ML advance server.
  5. Click run the mobile legends advanced server tutorial, then after that you will do the usual tutorial.
  6. After completing the tutorial when you enter the ML advance server, you can enjoy the latest mobile legends updates.
  7. To return to the original server from the advanced ML server, you can do the same thing by clicking on the original server
  8. Finished.

Advanced Server Entry Terms

Oh yes, you must have the conditions set to enter the Advanced Server as follows:

  1. Have an Account at least Level 20
  2. Have a Stable Internet Connection
  3. Mobile legends Advanced Server is not full.

What You Get On Mobile Legends Advanced Server?

There is no significant difference between the Original Server and the Advanced Server in the Mobile Legends game, it’s just that you can find differences in contests ranging from features to new heroes on the Advanced Server.

On Advanced Server Mobile Legends you can play from classic, ranked, versus Ai to playing Magic Chess.

When you start playing, you are also told to play at the beginning and do the tutorial as usual. Here you have to reach level 8 then you can play Ranked with a minimum number of heroes 5.

But unfortunately, not everyone can play on the Advanced Server. In addition, you have to play at the beginning and buy various items and Emblem upgrades starting all over again.
The difference that you can get on the Advanced server is of course the latest update that will be present in Mobile Legends.

On this server, you can try the various updates first. For example, updating the latest heroes, to updating various new features, which will then be released on the Original Server.

How to Overcome Cannot Enter Mobile Legends Advanced Server

Indeed, there are often many problems that arise that you can encounter, for example, unable to enter Advanced Server Mobile Legends mode even though you already have one of these accounts.

Actually there is no way to overcome this method, but we have some tips that you can do, for example, such as clearing the cache, deleting data or reinstalling the Mobile Legends game itself.

But what is more important is to continue to update the Mobile Legends game, if there is an update, immediately update the game and then do it to clear the cache so that cache data does not accumulate. Remember! Only cache, not data.

With the cache deleted, you can freely play this advanced mobile legends server. Usually this Advanced server can log back in after you delete it. Well, sometimes it’s hard to do.

Causes of Advanced Server Mobile Legends

There are quite a few possible causes for not being able to log into the Advanced Server. This can be caused by various things.

First, starting from the network or connection you are using, it may be unstable or the ping number is high so you can’t access the Mobile Legends server.

Second, the most fatal possibility is that the quota you provide is quite limited, not all players can enter the Advanced Server, so only a handful of people can do it.

To overcome this, you can wait for the latest registration presented by Moonton. Hopefully in the future they will present additional quotas.

But don’t worry, they always bring new quotas for players to play on the Advanced Server, so you just need to wait for an announcement from Moonton, so stay tuned. If there is any new information, we will definitely share it.

Now that’s how to easily enter the Advanced Server in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this tutorial can help those of you who want to experience the latest updates in Mobile Legends first.

It’s quite important for you Mobile Legends players to understand how to get into it. In the advanced server, there are many advantages and most importantly you can experience a lot of new content inside.

About Advanced Server

Mobile legends Advanced Server is the second server in Mobile Legends. Here you play with different servers and people from the Original Server.

The advantage itself is to test the latest updates featuring various new heroes, and whatever Moonton will present on the Original Server will be tested first on the Advanced server.

Advanced Server itself is usually used by ML Players who are Youtubers or other Content Creators to get the latest information about Mobile Legends which will be released later to the Original Sever. Here, you can get various updates first than other players. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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