How to Get Skin Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends has released lots of the latest updates that are quite diverse for players to try to get right now. Especially by getting the Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends (ML) skin, this will make this hero even cooler. Because indeed Layla Bunny Babe has a pretty pretty appearance and is so charming.

Especially for some of the heroes and skins that are already present in the Mobile Legends game, all new things like this are quite diverse. It makes those of us who hear about it also really feel interested and very curious to try some of these heroes so we can play now.

Finding out some of the Mobile Legends Player Rank Order , of course this is very diverse for us to understand right now. Especially with some of the things that have been included in the game, there will be lots of interesting things that we can indeed find from here.

To get the Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends skin, it’s really cool, you can just get it from the Starlight or Fragment feature. Even so, we will also have the opportunity ready, we will soon have these nice prizes so that players can get the prizes right away.

How to Get Skin Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Login Game Mobile Legends

    Players can log into the Mobile Legends game first, so we can immediately have the Layla Bunny Babe Skin. Being the right choice for players so that we can immediately have a cool Layla Bunny Babe Skin prize like this right now.

  2. Select the Starlight Shop Feature

    Then you can immediately select the Starlight Shop Features section first, so you can immediately get the Layla Bunny Babe Skin. So in this way we will have the opportunity to rotate the prize for the Skin Layla Bunny Babe that has arrived.

  3. Buy for 3000 Starlight Fragments

    Just by using 3000 Starlight Fragments, you can get the Layla Bunny Babe Skin with the Starlight Logo later. Because indeed this is the difference, even though it may only be a difference from the existing Rotation.

  4. Exchanging Fragments

    By exchanging Fragments, you can also get the Skin Layla Bunny Babe prize right now. Of course that way you will soon have cool prizes too, but Layla’s skin from here on will not have the Starlight Logo at all.

  5. Skin Ready We Use

    So in this way we can immediately use the Skin directly in the game, so we will have Layla Bunny Babe like this. Because then you will have a nice gift that also comes directly from here.

Has the newest prize that has appeared in the Mobile Legends game, along with the Layla Bunny Babe Skin for you to use. So that way you will have good prizes that are here now and players can try to find them directly from the event.

How to Get Skin Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends (ML)

You can also see the price of Layla Bunny Babe’s Skin which is now available, so that later you will have a prize like this. This is a good opportunity for the players too, so we can immediately get good prizes from here right now.

Together with How to Get Layla Bunny Babe Mobile Legends (ML) Skin, you can just try it if you want. So in this way your Hero Layla will be even cooler when you are using it in the game so that it looks right with the right skin for us to use.

One of the best skins for Layla in Mobile Legends , it’s really cool that we can just try to play it so easily. All you have to do is follow the process, so you can also collect every skin that these heroes have in the game.