How to Make a Prank Chat Mobile Legends (ML)

Turns out it's really easy. Because by doing things like this, people who are affected can be confused too.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even for How to Make a Mobile Legends (ML) Prank Chat, it actually sounds so interesting. We can chase people with things like this. Turns out it’s really easy. Because by doing things like this, people who are affected can be confused too.

The number of the latest events in the Mobile Legends game, indeed makes you curious and players can try it right away. It will definitely be more exciting and you can’t miss it, because of all those things.

How to Make a Prank Chat

  1. Enter the Game and Start the Match
    We can enter the Mobile Legends game first, then start the match to be able to do it. As an experiment so that later the Prank Chat will become even easier.
  2. Pay attention to the enemy and team using what hero
    Then then we can first pay attention to what Hero and Enemy Team you are using, so you won’t be confused when you do it too.
  3. Enter the Prank Chat Code to Do It
    Players can then directly enter the existing Prank Chat Code, because many Esports have chosen for Prank Players only. Enter P [6495ED][All]Nick(Hero)[-]: fill.
  4. Make sure the code is correct
    You should be able to make sure everything is correct, for example P [6495ED][All] MainSantaiML(Grock)[-]: Said Nana Miya Noob. Now, if it’s correct, you can send it right away.
  5. See the Reactions of Friends and Enemies
    They might later give a reaction like this, so if it does happen, see what kind of reaction they show.

The emergence of several Mobile Legends Prank Chats, you can just try it now. So that you can immediately have a different impression when you are competing later. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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