How to Play Marksman Mobile Legends (ML), New META!

Therefore, we will look together for those of you who are curious about the most effective way. This can help you play better, especially in the gold lane later if needed.


Currently, META marksman is becoming more and more popular. They don’t play in the jungle anymore, now they move to the gold lane and of course the way to play marksman Mobile Legends (ML) in the new META will also be different. Therefore, we will look together for those of you who are curious about the most effective way. This can help you play better, especially in the gold lane later if needed.

You could say if you play in the jungle, the marksman will be somewhat more active and help map control. But because they play in this gold lane, they must have a passive style of play.

This is based on my experience playing because personally, I have always been a sidelane offlane player and also a safelane. Playing marksman is not that much different because the core also enters this realm.

How to Play Marksman Mobile Legends (ML) in this new META

Keep in mind that marksman here includes marksman mage, for example Kimmy. Basically they are all the same and the only difference is the form or type of damage as well as their build items.

The style of play remains the same and the methods will also be the same. So that’s why we will include heroes like that, even though so far only Kimmy is a magic marksman. Well for those who are curious can see below.

The first thing you have to understand is the task of a marksman when playing in the game. Let’s just say that each role has a job desk and marksman is the easiest, but the risk is high.

So that we can just divide it into a game phase first. That is from the early game to the late game. This is because marksman is more prominent if we look at it from this point of view.

Early Games

This early game is a phase where marksman has to be careful and doesn’t have to be efficient. This is because marksman must farm as much as possible and avoid unnecessary and risky fights.

With farming that you can do, it will really help yourself and your team later. Well if you can, try doing what is called a flash farm and we will discuss this below.

Flash Farm

Flash farming is a method that, as the name implies, is that you farm very quickly. The method is actually easy, the practice is difficult because you have to be able to farm with full efficiency without wasting time.

The trick is that when you are in the laning phase, you quickly finish off wave creeps without wasting time. After that while you wait for the next wave to come, you can take the farm elsewhere. You must understand how to play marksman in Mobile Legends.

For example, take some jungle creeps, golden snails, scuttles, or even rotation to mid if your mid is rotating or roaming. Do this repeatedly and do not let you waste time.

But the negative side is usually this flash farm is risky in the gang because you keep moving without a safe position. In addition, the tempo of the game is faster and for some people and their strats are not good.

But the most important thing is that you will throw away the creep wave equilibrium and also eat your team’s farm. But if you use a core whose powerspike in the late game is very high, you can achieve this even in the mid game.

Mid Game

In the mid game this time it will depend on your condition in the early game. If your early game is safe and you have got the core item then you can join the fight, but don’t be too barbaric and try not to die in vain.

Doing a trade kill is not even recommended because you will usually lead the net worth which will be very detrimental. Therefore, if you get a kill, run away and continue farming again.

If your early game is not good, you can just continue farming again. At least get your core items which will be very helpful later. This is because marksman are usually very spoiled and thirsty for items.

Don’t forget to also do objectives like turtle and lord because it will really help your team. It should be noted that judging marksman not only from KDA, from GPM/XPM to objective is very important.

Late Game

In the late game, actually marksman doesn’t have much of a task because you only need to end the game. Teamfight, kill, objective, and end game will be very important for marksman when they enter this phase.

The most important thing is that in the late game you have to move as a team. Do not often go solo or split up because this is very dangerous and can even be a factor of defeat in the future. How to play marksman Mobile Legends is important to remember.

Focus on dealing only damage and getting enemy towers so that later it can also benefit your team when playing. Do not let you bother in this case because the late game must be full of items.

Marksman Tips

Next, we will discuss a few tips for those of you who want to play marksman better. From me it’s actually not so much because you need experience by playing the most important thing.

So, let’s look at some tips for how to play your Mobile Legends marksman :

Focus Farming

As marksman you have to focus on farming in the gold lane. This is because core items are very important for marksman so that they can be active more consistently later. Therefore, do not leave it alone.

Get Core Items, Help Team

Do not replace the core item because as the name implies, the core is a core item. Don’t let it be missed or replaced except for luxury items that are more flexible. Without core items, marksman will be “sluggish” later.

Luxury Items Adjust Conditions

Now lastly, you can customize luxury items depending on the conditions later. For example, Claude, the core items are DHS and Golden Staff, but the remaining items are free and these are called luxury items. For example, he can buy BFB, Hunter Strike, and others.

So that’s just a few ways to play marksman Mobile Legends. Hopefully it can help you when playing later because playing as a marksman is a big responsibility. It’s not difficult, it’s just very risky. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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