What is Flash Farm Mobile Legends (ML) and Tips

Therefore you have to understand about flash farms in ML. Don't let you end up getting confused or hearing this term but still don't really understand it. Very important for core players.


Maybe some people still don’t understand what a Mobile Legends (ML) flash farm is. This term is indeed a bit rare because this term comes from PC moba such as Dota and LoL. But it’s still very relevant for Mobile Legends. Therefore you have to understand about flash farms in ML. Don’t let you end up getting confused or hearing this term but still don’t really understand it. Very important for core players.

This term is very important for you to understand, especially if you play using a gold laner or jungler. Also keep in mind that not all heroes can do this which is quite important.

Flash farm or flash farming is the best method for farming gold in Mobile Legends. If you can do a flash farm then your farming speed is always at the top.

What is Flash Farm Mobile Legends

First, let’s talk about what a flash farm is. In a nutshell, flash farming is a lightning-fast farming method. This means that what is meant by flash farms is how players can do farming faster than normal.

But not that shallow because if we talk about flash farms, it will be very deep. From my experience playing as well as my Esports team, doing flash farms is really difficult to be consistent because we are not just pro players and casual players.

But for pro players maybe they can do flash farming consistently which is very important for big matches. Of course, even though it’s not easy, it doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged to try it.

How To Do Flash Farm

If you ask about how to do a flash farm, it might be difficult to explain. This is because the flash farm itself will depend on the player, hero, and also the circumstances when playing in the game.

But the most important thing you know is efficiency. You have to be very efficient when doing flash farms so you don’t have to worry about playing later. Not to mention the flash farm is very important not to blunder.

Here are a few tips for flash farms.

Must be Efficient

The most important and you must understand is to increase efficiency. Every second in Mobile Legends in the game should not be wasted. You have to keep moving and every second you have to get gold.

In theory it’s a bit difficult to explain and you can learn this by watching pro players whether they’re playing rank or pro match. Watch their movements and the decisions they make.

With high efficiency, you can get gold continuously without stopping. This is very important to do a flash farm because you need all the time you have later.

Position and Map

You also have to study the position and situation on the map well. Without a good position, of course, doing a flash farm is not an easy thing. Therefore you must be able to learn what the right position is.

What you have to understand when playing in the gold lane for example or the jungle is the area near you. Jungle will include jungle, mid, and sidelane. While the gold lane is narrower because it only reaches the mid and jungle.

You have to understand this and be careful not to get ganked from places like that. In addition to ganks, you also have to learn the farming process and find out which one is the most appropriate for the team later.


Also don’t forget to communicate because without good communication you can be in trouble later. Communication just lane calls, missing, and others even have a big impact in the game.

For flash farm this is also very important considering you have to play quite safe. Safe but not passive because flash farms are even aggressive if you plan to steal your opponent’s jungle.

To invade and flash farm to this opponent’s place is dangerous and requires mature communication. You can’t just play randomly if you want to get a high GPM.

Understand the Farm Path

You also have to prepare this farm path carefully. For those who don’t know what a farm path is, you have to know first. Roughly speaking, the farm path is a plan for your path from point A to point Z which must be efficient.

For example, you play jungle, usually starting from the blue buff. From here you try to plan where to go next, whether to scuttle, to lizard creep, or directly to red. You have to prepare this plan so you can play better.

You can also apply this case to the side lane. Whether when the creep is finished you have to take the jungle team that is not eaten, invade, or rotate to mid. You can’t just play carelessly if you want to be efficient.

Hero Must Be Right

Next, there is the right hero that can flash farm. What you can know is, the right hero has high damage and AoE damage is a plus. With this, they can do a flash farm.

Their mobility must also be high in order to move from one point to another. With this excellent mobility, these heroes can take advantage of the flash farm which is very difficult for other heroes to do.

Examples of Flash Farm Heroes

As previously mentioned, what you need to use for flash farms are heroes who have high damage and mobility. AoE damage is not a must, but a plus for them.

Here are the heroes who have these similarities :

  • Ling
  • Hayabusa
  • Claude
  • Yi Sun-shin
  • Baxia
  • Balmond

Of course, the heroes above are aware that they have dash, teleport, blink, and other mobility skills. But it also has very high damage for farming. With this, you can do a flash farm easily.

So that’s a little explanation about what a Mobile Legends flash farm is. You have to take advantage of this technique so that later it can have a high impact on the team. Flash farm is very important if it can be utilized. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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