How to Solve Clash Squad’s Loading Issue

Clash Squad mode is recently updated to make the gameplay better than the previous version. But somehow, there’s a lag in this mode where sometimes the loading screen takes too long to wait.


There are many features offered in Free Fire, and it keeps updating from time to time. Some of the features in the game that you need to find out before you play is the type of zones that appears in the game, so you can understand what each of the zones meaning so that you can make the right move. And don’t forget to look up the weapons available in Free Fire, to find out what kind of weapon that suits your gameplay.

In Free Fire, there’s a new game mode released in August 2019, named the Clash Squad mode. However, sometimes the loading time takes too long. And sometimes players can’t even enter the game. Here we have some tips to solve the Clash Squad lag issue in Free Fire.

  1. Erase your cache

One of the things that often occurs when you don’t erase your cache is that your device will struggle to keep up with the game performance. So don’t forget to erase the game cache regularly to prevent lagging. Cache is a junk files that keeps on piling up.

  1. Lower the Graphics

If your device keep lagging, try to reduce the graphics quality of the game. You can try to set it to medium or low for better performance on your device. Make sure to adjust the graphics quality that’s compatible for your device.

  1. Restart the Internet Connection Network

If those tips doesn’t work, you can try restarting the device connection and wait for around five minutes before turning it back on. After you wait, you can turn on the network again and see if it works and the lag issue is caused by the internet connection.

  1. Restart Your Device

The last thing you want to do if all of those tips doesn’t work, is to completely restart your device. The lag might be caused by your phone that opens up too much apps at the same time. So you can try restarting it in order to refresh your device.

That’s all we can tell about the lag issue in Clash Squad mode, if the same problem occurs in different game mode, you can try out the same solutions above.