Item Build Lux Support LOL Mobile Wild Rift!

Lux is a champion who can support a strong shield and cc. He can provide shields to his team to withstand damage, as well as strong cc skills.


Becoming supporter, you must be able to do warding well and maintain ADC in doing farming. That way, your team will be safer when playing and ADC can lift the team to win the game. therefore, with support, you will find it easier to attack enemies. Here we will provide tips about champions in the wild rift.

Lux is a champion who can support a strong shield and cc. He can provide shields to his team to withstand damage, as well as strong cc skills such as slow and immobile. By taking advantage of this, you will find it easier to help the team. So you can help the team by providing shields and stopping enemy movements.

With Lux’s skills, he can be a support. You can see the following build items below:


  • Summon Aery
  • Weakness
  • Loyalty
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Harmonic Echo
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Ardent Cencer
  • Protector’s Vow
  • Athene’s Unholy Grail
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Locket Enchant

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The runes used by Lux are usually runes that can help the team well, and reduce enemy defense to make them easier to attack. There are many runes that you can use, here we have recommendations for using runes that you can use.


Summon Aery

The rune will give you the skills to provide a shield to a friend champion or DoT to an enemy. You can use this rune to keep your team safe, thanks to Aery’s shield skill. Aery will provide a shield to the champion that you give heal, shield, or buff. However, if you give skill damage to the enemy, Aery will give a fairly small DoT.

You can use this rune for various things. You can use it to attack or defend. However, you cannot take the shield from the Aery for yourself, so you can only give it to your team champion. You have to wait for Aery to come back again, so you can use the skills again.



This rune is perfect for weakening enemies. By providing a slow or immobilized effect, they will also get even higher damage. So, you can do higher damage.



When you play as support, of course you will continue to be beside your team members, especially ADC. By using this rune, you and your teammates around you will get additional armor and magic resist. So, you can withstand enemy attacks more easily. Of course, this rune can be stacked, if another champion uses this rune, you will have multiple effects.


Hunter Pack

When you are near a friend’s champion, you will get an additional 2% movement speed. So, you guys can walk faster. Not only that, each different champion you defeat gives you and your friend champion an additional 50 Gold.


Item Build

The build items used by Lux as support, of course, use items that can increase mana and cooldown reduction. You can also use items that can heal with skills on items. That way, you can help the team easily. Here we will provide tips regarding build items that you can try.


Harmonic Echo

Items that will provide additional heal when using Lux. By using this item, you will get a stack if you use skills or walk. You can collect the stack up to 100, which is where you can take advantage of the skills.

When you reach 100 stacks, the next buff, healing or shield skill will provide additional healing. Scaling is the amount of healing on the scale from the number of power abilities you have. So, the more power abilities you have.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

This boots item will give you additional cooldown reduction. So, you can use skills faster. You will also get skills that can increase your movement speed. However, these skills will be replaced when you change this item with another item.


Ardent Cencer

Items that will increase your team’s damage when using lux, really help the team to attack enemies. When you use healing or shield skills, your friends will get additional attack speed and attack damage. So, you can use skills quickly.


Protector’s Vow

A defensive item that will give you a shield when you attack the enemy. If you use this item, you can get a shield. So, when you get a shit from the enemy, you and the team champion near you will get a shield.


Athene’s Unholy Grail

This item is almost the same as harmonic echo, it can provide healing. However, you must be able to attack the enemy with damage skills to get the stack. The amount of heal depends on the amount of damage you give or the stack you collect.


Rabadonn’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap can provide additional ability power, so your shield can be even thicker. Not only that, you also increase the total ability power you have. All your ability power will be increased by 40%. So, the more ability power you have, the higher it will increase.


Locket Enchant

This one item is an enchantment from the previous boots. The skills on the boots were replaced. Now you can give shields to your team using this item. So, you can make your team stronger in resisting enemy attacks.


Those are the tips regarding the Lux Support Item Build, which you can try. Some items may not match your playing method. So, you can just replace several items. However, if you don’t understand about item builds, you can try the build item recommendations above.


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