Item Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)


Mobile Legends has released lots of exciting new updates for you to try playing now. Together with the Eudora Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Items, you will get something new from here now. Surely that way you guys are trying to make Eudora’s Damage weaker because of this.

Every hero in the current match is indeed quite strong, making players even stronger in dealing with them. Because indeed every Hero with this ability is very helpful, making it easier for us to face the enemy later.

You can recognize Hero Eudora in Mobile Legends right now, so that we can immediately take advantage of the battle very well. Making you even stronger, so you don’t lose too quickly and understand what kind of Skills he will give when competing.

Then for the Eudora Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Item, making the attack from this hero will be less and less certain. Surely that way we will also become even stronger, so that we can immediately take advantage of his abilities with an easy process for us to take advantage of.

Item Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Athena Shield

The first counter item is the Athena Shield, all players must already know that this will be a counter for Eudora itself. The problem is that the Combo that Eudora will give will be able to make her opponent stronger because of the Magical Damage she deals.

Every time Eudora attacks using a Skill, then the direct Passive of the Athena Shield will become Active and create temporary protection. When you want to launch Ultimate skills, Athena Shield can still provide a little damage reduction for you.

The Eudora Mobile Legends counter item is the Rose Gold Meteor

Item Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Rose Gold Meteor which is another Counter Item, even suitable for Hero Fighter or Marksman depending on the situation. So in this way we can take advantage of this to provide a strong attack, as well as defense when dying.

Considering that if Eudora attacks, the damage must be high, so the Rose Gold Meteor itself is something very powerful. Of course, with an opportunity like this, we will be able to avoid failure because Eudora’s Combo can be stopped easily.

Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon is also suitable for heroes with weak HP, because it has the ability to protect against Eudora’s Combo attacks. This is a Mage item that makes us Frozen, immune from any attacks but unable to move at all.

On this occasion we can still be safe, but also look at the playing conditions so we can understand all of these positions. So with the Winter Truncheon we will be temporarily protected in the battle later.

Item Counter Eudora Mobile Legends adalah Radiant Armor

We can also use Radiant Armor as a good item to survive Eudora’s deadly skills. Because the increase in Magical Defense is very high, it will make it easier for us to avoid such attacks.

So that way we will have such a strong attack, so you don’t need to be afraid to face it either. So in this way we can take advantage of this as well, so that we still have very strong attack abilities from here.


Item Counter Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Keeping you from death, Eudora with a deadly Combo Skill will be drained without producing a Kill if the enemy uses Immorality. Of course this is a temporary Counter item, because we really have to run away immediately and don’t attack again.

Because Eudora has a very annoying CC, so we can deal with it easily because of that item. While there is still defense, then we will have a much easier battle opportunity.

Using some of the Eudora Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Items, you will find it easier to deal with enemies very easily. Because indeed with this it will be easier for us to deal with it, because it uses the item counter from Eudora.

Not only that, because from Tips on Fighting Hero Eudora in Mobile Legends , how will you be able to face the battle. Certainly with the battle that we will face, it will definitely make it easier for Eudora later because of all this.