Kulgar Review The Latest Beaston Free Fire (FF)

It turns out that now there is a Kulgar Review of the Latest Beaston Free Fire (FF) Pet, maybe we will be interested in getting the pet.


It turns out that now Kulgar Review the Latest Pet Beaston in Free Fire (FF), of course this will soon be coming to the game and don’t let us miss the latest event to get the Pet for later too.

Because of all the events that are currently present in the game, we will indeed be able to get quite a big profit in the future. So no one will be allowed, to ignore the latest events of this game.

Moreover, there are still many new updates that are ready to attend the Free Fire game. Especially at the Bermuda Remastered Free Fire Event, where it will indeed be coming soon.

Garena has prepared many new events for players to try later. So don’t miss, all the gifts from the event that are present right now.


Kulgar Review The Latest Beaston Pet Free Fire (FF)

Pet is indeed a pretty good feature for us to try, because it will help players to win it easier. Not only that, it turns out that we can also find out which Pet Beastons will be coming later.

By trying this new Pet, maybe you will be freer in throwing everything quite easily. Because Kulgar has reviewed the Pet, it means that the release time will indeed happen soon.

Don’t know when, because Arie Mustache said that Rido would provide information to know how to get the Pet. This Pet Beaston is ready to become part of Meta, when it enters the Free Fire server later.

But that meta prediction, it is only present in Clash Squad Mode. The problem is we will dominate playing Bomb more easily there. This Pet Beaston will increase the throw distance, for throwing items.


So the farther away, the better it is to defeat the enemy or to save a friend. This pet has a white skin too, which you can use when the Pet is Level 7 later.

Arie Kumis also tried this pet, he also likes it because this pet can help him in playing with Grenades. Even enemies that were far away, could be notorious for a large explosion from the item as well.

So this way you have to be ready too, to immediately get the Pet. It will definitely help every player to make it even easier, to win over a long distance Problem throwing grenades at this enemy later.

The review that was carried out was also quite satisfying, we might be interested in getting Pet Beaston when it is present on the current Free Fire Indonesia server.


Following this new event, it means that players are also ready to get a lot of profit from it. In addition, the New Year Event for Free Fire, will take place in this game soon.

Don’t miss all of that, if you want to get lots of free gifts and other Legend levels too.