Mobile Legends (ML) Account Banned, Here’s How to Remove the Ban!

Let's try it right away and it can speed up the duration of the ban being finished. If you do it right, you will have a leniency in your punishment.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good things which of course you can see right now. We all know how to get rid of the Mobile Legends (ML) account ban, maybe you need something like this. Because the violations that we received at the time of the ban, will surely make a deterrent and have a long lag time or not. Let’s try it right away and it can speed up the duration of the ban being finished. If you do it right, you will have a leniency in your punishment.

Everything that has appeared in this Mobile Legends game, of course, is something good and interesting for you to try playing. Don’t miss all the new updates, because that way you will feel a lot of good things that turn out to be changes from this game.

How to Remove the Ban!

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends Game
    For the first time, we have to see firsthand, whether our account gets banned or not with this login. After knowing our account has been banned, then you have to screenshot it and exit the game for the next stage.
  2. Contact Mobile Legends Costume Service
    Then you search on Google about Customer Service from the current Mobile Legends game. Usually, we will get carried away into the official Mobile Legends website, otherwise there will be the following email mobilel[email protected] to send data about the ban on that account.
  3. Start Creating Messages
    In the Email Message option, you can enter “Can You Unban My Account Please?” of course this will be the topic title of the message. Players will also have to fill in words from English / Indonesian in the message column to make sure of this.
  4. Complete With Zone ID and Proof Screenshot To Release Account Ban Penalty
    Then don’t forget to miss your Zone ID who is the owner of that account, then a screenshot of the Mobile Legends game. The SS image that Esportsku told SS at the first point will be useful at this point.
  5. Use Polite Words And Regret All That
    To make Moonton more convincing, so that they want to unban your account, use polite words. And some additions if you really regret it and don’t want to do it again.
  6. Send And Wait For Reply
    The process of sending this message is indeed quite a long process, because they may or may not receive it. After everything is ok, then the player will receive a reply from Mobile Legends about this based on my Esports.
  7. Must Receive Evidence About Releasing Mobile Legends Account Ban Penalty
    If you’ve gotten this message and seen it right away, you’ll know it’s important. Will Moonton do the Unban or not, because Esportsku can’t give a 100% guarantee that this will work.
  8. Wait for the duration of the tire only
    Waive the Account Ban Penalty can also be from the section called Spending the Duration only. So in this condition you will see how long the account has been banned, but if it has reached more than 10 years, it means that the entry is permanent.

Doing this to restore your Mobile Legends account, becomes something interesting for us to try if you experience it. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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