8 Items Counter Hero Barats Mobile Legends (ML)

Then the Barats will be easy for us to penetrate the defense. That's what will make the hero hit by Counter, in addition we can give big damage.


Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates which of course you can try right now. Included with 8 Counter Hero Barats Mobile Legends (ML) items, will make Barats weak later. So with the ability of the item, it will have an advantage which of course affects the gameplay as well. Then the Barats will be easy for us to penetrate the defense. That’s what will make the hero hit by Counter, in addition we can give big damage.

Of course Barats is still a very disturbing Fighter Tank, every Skill and Passive is able to flatten the enemy easily. Even though the build is as a Fighter, this kind of thing will have no effect because the Buff that Barats receives if it reaches the Max Stack.

This first item has an additional 60 Physical Attack, suitable for Physical hero users if you want to counter Barats. Based on what Esports I know, if this is a pretty cool item build, it can even give a power to weaken defense when the passive is active.

The additional attribute we get is 35% Physical Pen, later Physical Penetration will increase by 0.05% depending on the opponent’s Physical Defense. It will be triggered if you later can deal damage to him, but the limit that we can accommodate from this Passive is only 20%.

Endless Battle

Next according to my Esports you can use Endless Battle, an item that is specifically for heroes with Physical Skills only. Increases 5% Movement Speed ​​and 10% Physical Lifesteal, will even help players become easier to deal with enemies with very high HP thickness.

This passive named Divine Justice can give True Damage, after you 3 seconds after removing the skill. The total True Damage reaches 60% of your Physical Attack, this cooldown will only last for 1.5 seconds. Then Passive Chase Fate if Divine Justice is active, it will increase movement speed by 10%.

Very suitable for breaking through the defenses of the Barats, so they will look weak when facing you in matches.

Divine Glaive

This magic item called Divine Glaive was, of course, something of great power that could break through Barats defenses. Hreo Mage is suitable for using this if you want to counter Barats, with extras such as 65 Magic Power, as well as attributes that increase 35% Magical Penetration in large numbers to face Barats.

Then you will know that this Unique Passive, called Spellbreaker, will reduce the enemy’s Magic Defense by a total of 0.1% according to the Magical Defense of Barats / Enemies. But you have to deal damage first to Barats, so the total will be limited to 20% to make the opponent weak.

Calamity Reaper

If you use this it will add 70 Magic Power, 100 Mana, 6 HP Regen and 10 Cooldown Reaction on your Hero mage. Of course, because of the passive that will give this True Damage, it makes us able to Counter Barats very easily as long as we keep our distance too.

You have to skill first, you can then trigger this effect, then wait for 3 details after the new skill can true damage of 120% of magic power. Has a Passive Cooldown of up to 1.5 Seconds, then will receive up to 10% of the additional Movement Speed ​​for this passive.

Genius Wand

As a Mage, if you want to counter heroes Barats, you have to use the Genius Wand build item first. Because it increases 75 Magic Power and 5% Movement Speed, even with us getting an additional 10 Magical Pen Attribute to weaken Barats.

The passive will deal damage to enemy heroes which will reduce 2-9 Magical Defense. Later the total reduction will increase as your level increases, this effect will last for only 2 seconds, then only stack 3 times from here.

Tough Boots

Barats has Knockback and Stun Skills that are quite long in duration, so that all of that is not too felt using Tought Boots. These are advanced and only get West’s CC Effect, there is even an additional bonus of increasing 40 Movement Speed ​​and also Magical Defense.

Then with a Passive that will increase the Effect Duration reduction of the CC Effect by 30%, it will definitely affect all of you who fight Barats. Just stay alert so that the Barats will direct it to the wrong place so it doesn’t get affected.

Antique Cuirass

According to Esportsku, Barats is indeed identical to Hero using Skill, now Antique Cuiras is suitable for you to use as protection when competing later. Increases 920 HP, 52 Physical Defense and a huge 4 HP regen to withstand the damage from the very high Barats.

Of course this Antique Cuirass does have a pretty good Passive, because getting Damage from enemy Skills will reduce their Attack power by 8%. The duration of this passive is 2 seconds, even for the stack we can only collect up to 3 points.

Dominance Ice

Of course, making Barats heroes not have fast Life Steals, so using Dominant Ice will affect them. Of course with that item we can receive 500 Mana, 70 Physical Defense and 5% Movement Speed ​​and 10% Cooldown Reduction Attribute.

Then the Passive which will make the opponent’s Shield and HP Regen will be reduced by 50%, but it has no effect on the life drain. Then the additional Attack speed of the enemy is reduced by 30%. The effect of this item is very influential on Barats, so you can easily win against them.

Of course, with 8 Counter Hero Barats Mobile Legends (ML) items, the Barats hero won’t be strong. Because some Counter Items are like this, it will indeed provide a good opportunity to attack. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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