PUBG Mobile Control Layout Changed? Here How To Fix It


Layout Control is crucial in PUBG Mobile. Layout Control has a function as a storage area for your PUBG Mobile account control settings. So even if you log out or log out of the account, the Control Layout will not change.

That played by friend so your Control Layout has changed? You may have forgotten about how to return Layout Control back to your settings.


How To Deal With The PUBG Mobile Control Layout Accidentally Changing


Determine The Control Layout Slot

You will be given about 3 slots that you can use. Of the three slots, you can choose one of the slots that will be used as your default slot. If your friend borrows your account or device, you can lend your control layout in slot 2 or 3.


Equalize The TPP and FPP Controls

Usually players will have the same TPP and FPP controls, because basically TPP and FPP only change in the point of view, so many players don’t change their TPP control to be different from FPP mode.

When you change the control layout in FPP mode, the top column says Copy TPP Form, you can click the button and all your TPP control layout settings will be copied to the FPP control.


Example? Just Need to Copy From The FPP and TPP Control

If you are used to playing in TPP mode, then accidentally you change the control, there is no need to worry. As long as you have saved your controls in FPP mode, all you need to do is press the Copy From FPP button.

There is no need like PUBG Mobile in the past few seasons which required you to manually set the controls when accidentally changed, now all you need to do is press the copy button.

We remind you again, if you want to lend your device or account to someone else, don’t forget to ask them to use an unused layout and not change the layout you are using.


Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand more. Thank you!

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