Recommended Runes Miss Fortune Wild Rift

MF can be said to be a harass champion when on the lane thanks to his poke that doesn't play with Damagena. this is runes that recommended of miss fortune.


Most ADCs in Wild Rift are high damage champions who can finish off a single target quickly, unlike MF. MF can be said as AoE ADC, the area damage is not kidding because it can attack one opposing team. With the recommendation of the Miss Fortune runes that are here, of course you can play even better.

MF is arguably the champion of harass when on the lane thanks to his poke which doesn’t play with Damagena, but in team fight, the real damage is seen. The main MF damage comes from its passive and ultimate which can make your opponent mess up easily. Of course, the right build and rune items are supported.

With this high damage, Miss Fortune can be one of the ADCs with a very high damage output. It’s no kidding, one team can easily be defeated by him. But unfortunately not having escape or mobility skills makes it a bit difficult.


For those of you who are curious about the Miss Fortune runes, it can be seen below;


  1. Rune
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Brutal
  • Regeneration
  • Manaflow Band
  1. Spell
  • Flash
  • Heal

This the recommendations for the Miss Fortune Wild Rift runes that can help you play even better. Very strong in the late game as AoE ADC, Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs today.



Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork is a very important rune for Miss Fortune thanks to its heal and MVSPD. MVSPD is very important because Miss Fortune build items will rotate in Energized which makes Miss Fortune have to keep moving and shooting.



Brutal is also quite important thanks to its damage and penetration. Remember that in the early and mid games MF will often take advantage of its bursts, which in the late game will become AoE damage dealer. With Brutal, Miss Fortune’s playstyle will be even better.




Regeneration will help Miss Fortune’s mana problem a little, although it’s not big it’s quite patchy. Not only mana because Regen’s effect also affects HP which isn’t that bad. Actually, for the Regen runes and later under the Manaflow Band, assume you don’t use the Manamune build.


Manaflow Band

Manaflow Band with Regen will patch up Miss Fortune’s mana problem. So in the laning phase he can spam skills which can be very useful in harassing and poke. Use both if you are not using the Manamune build.



When it comes to spells, Miss Fortune doesn’t have many choices. In fact, you could say that Flash and Heal are a combination that cannot be replaced. Therefore just use both.



Miss Fortune who doesn’t have mobility will be greatly helped by Flash. With Flash Miss Fortune can move more freely whether to chase, escape, or reposition. Especially when using ulti and can’t move other than manual cancel, Flash will be very useful.



Besides giving HP heal effects, there are also those that are very much needed by Miss Fortune. Yes, when heal is active the effect will also provide MVSPD. Very useful with Fleet Footwork, Strut, and his Energize build items. Cannot be changed to other spells.


Those are the recommendations for the Miss Fortune Wild Rift runes which can be very useful for you. Miss Fortune might be a somewhat unique ADC thanks to its AoE damage. In teamfight it will be very difficult to win against a very smart MF.


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