Roger Strengths and Weaknesses in Mobile Legends (ML)

The strengths and weaknesses of my Esports version of Roger Mobile Legends that you can use as a guide when playing.


The strengths and weaknesses of Roger Mobile Legends will be thoroughly discussed here. Roger himself is one of the heroes who is currently at his strongest in meta. Roger has considerable damage and has good mobility too. This hero is very suitable for use as a hyper carry in gameplay. The strengths and weaknesses of of Roger Mobile Legends that you can use as a guide when playing.

Playing Roger is indeed quite easy, but you have to take into account the use of his skills so as not to cause harm to you. When in wolf mode, Roger’s one skill will lock the opponent. If the opponent you are locking suddenly moves towards the turret then you will be carried towards the turret.

The strengths of Roger Mobile Legends

Has high damage

Roger himself has considerable damage from his attack skills. Roger has two types of skills, namely when he becomes an ordinary human and when he becomes a werewolf. There was a considerable increase in damage when Roger was in his werewolf form.

Has Good Mobility

Roger’s 2nd skills can help him to make fast movements. This is certainly a distinct advantage for Roger because it makes his mobility even better. When in wolf mode and there is an opponent whose HP is low, when using his two skills, your movements will be even faster.

Has Immune Skill

Roger himself has a skill that can provide an immune effect against all damage when using his one skill. Roger will move towards the enemy that has been locked by him and while in this movement all damage from the enemy will not enter Roger.

The Weakness of Roger Mobile Legends

Weak against Crowd Control Hero

Roger himself is very weak when dealing with heroes who can have a crowd control effect on him. His movements will be very disturbed and make it difficult for him to use his skills. This is one of Roger’s weaknesses that you should know about.

Using 1st skill so bad will be getting worse

Roger’s drawback in Mobile Legends is that the use of his one skill must be used properly. If you use the wrong skill and the enemy suddenly blinks at the turret then you will be carried towards him. These are things that often make you make mistakes when using Roger in gameplay!

That’s is the information about the advantages and disadvantages of my Esports version of Roger Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and can be a source of good references. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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