Rune And Build Item Miss Fortune LOL Wild Rift

Miss Fortune's main advantage is in its AoE damage which is quite large for ADC. Even in teamfight, he can be the highest damage dealer.


Compared to other ADCs, Miss Fortune is probably the best ADC for solo play. He has high damage, especially AoE with high laning and teamfight capability. With the right runes and Miss Fortune Wild Rift build items, he can play even better, of course.

Miss Fortune’s main advantage is in its AoE damage which is quite large for ADC. Even in teamfight, he can be the highest damage dealer. This made her strong enough to play solo, because in the teamfight and laning phase, Miss Fortune was very shining.

Of course we will provide a build that will focus on his damage. Could be one of the terrible champions thanks to the chaotic output and also very reliable by the team members. Miss Fortune is also quite flexible because it has many builds, even supports!



  • Fleet Footwork
  • Brutal
  • Regeneration
  • Manaflow Band

Item Build

  • Infinity Edge
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Quicksilver Enchant

Here, let’s discuss Miss Fortune’s runes and build items. For Miss Fortune’s build items, interestingly this is quite flexible. He can have many choices which are very suitable depending on the situation. But this is the most common for you to use in the game later.



For the choice of rune, actually Miss Fortune did not have so many choices. He will be aiming for runes that can help him cover his main shortcoming, mana. Yes, where Miss Fortune is very wasteful and you can close the runes and several other advantages.


Fleet Footwork

For the keystone runes, there weren’t many choices for Miss Fortune because there weren’t many that helped. Usually take Fleet Footwork because Miss Fortune will take advantage of the Energized and Momentum effects in this build. The other runes are less suitable and good.



Brutal can be your choice here. The reason is because the brutal damage that is good enough from AD and penetration can increase Miss Fortune’s damage even better. Moreover, Miss Fortune, who has high burst damage, can make better use of Brutal until the late game.



Try not to change regeneration to other runes because Miss Fortune is very thirsty. Especially in early games where Miss Fortune often spam skills to make opponents difficult. Therefore, regen will be very important to cover his mana shortage.


Manaflow Band

Just like regen, Manaflow will be useful to overcome Miss Fortune’s lack of mana. It can be up to 300 which can be used further for some of his skills. Try not to change to something else because Manaflow will be better.


Item Build

For the actual build items, Miss Fortune has a lot of builds. Generally there are 3 builds if you play ADC, namely Muramana build, crit build, and lethal build. But this time we will discuss cirt builds that will increase his damage even higher.


Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge will of course be your core item in this crit build. The reason is easy, passive and your ultimate will be terrible with crit damage and crit chance. With high crit even Miss Fortune can fight enemies very easily and more terrifyingly.


Gluttonous Greaves

For shoes, the ADC will definitely take the Gluttonous Greaves. The extra lifesteal of this shoe would be very good to take especially for ADCs who often attack like Miss Fortune. But you can buy other shoes even though they are a little less attractive.


Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon will be very strong for Miss Fortune for a variety of reasons. First is the passive which can give bonus damage stack with Firecannon. Besides that, his 1st skill has an on hit effect. The crit focus stat will be very strong as well to increase the damage output.


Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Youmuu will be a pretty good item, but you can change it to other suitable items. The reason you buy this item is for its damage and Momentum effect. The bonus damage and ASPD will be very useful. You can change to Phantom Dancer or Runaan.


Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance is an item that can save you in the game. This item offers good sustain thanks to its HP and Cauterize. It is very suitable to be combined with shield items like Phantom Dancer or lifesteal like Bloodthirster. For Miss Fortune, this item will have an effect.


Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is almost mandatory for all ADC champions for the last item slot. You will use a very balanced stat that provides damage and sustain as well as the revival effect. For the last slot, it will be the right item, especially for Miss Fortune, who is definitely being targeted at teamfight.


Quicksilver Enchant

Enchantment matters, Miss Fortune is very free to choose what is needed. In general, Quicksilver will be the first choice for anti-CC. Can be used to use ulti so as not to be disturbed when channeling. Stasis is also a good choice when fighting bursters.


Those are the runes and Miss Fortune build items that we provide for you. Miss Fortune is an ADC with a very high damage output and of course it can make your opponent difficult. Use this build in your game!