Season 18 Tier Rewards PUBG Mobile, Check Out Prizes!

What are the prizes obtained from PUBG Mobile's Tier Rewards Season 18? Check out article explanation below!


18 seasons have passed, this indicates that PUBG Mobile already has 18 Royale Pass events with attractive and exclusive prizes in each season. Every season has an attractive Royale Pass prize, but that’s not all.

PUBG Mobile also provides Tier Rewards prizes, which are awards for players who succeed in occupying certain tiers in each season.


Season 18 Tier Rewards PUBG Mobile, Check Out the Prizes Here!

PUBG Mobile

1. Gold

PUBG Mobile

To get a Season 18 out fit, you must reach the Gold tier then play it 5 times or 5 matches. In carrying out this mission, you don’t have to win it, but only need to play it until you die.

It doesn’t matter if you are too soon or not, because even though it is too soon your game will still count as one. Therefore, playing 5 matches at Gold Tier is definitely an easy thing.


2. Platinum

PUBG Mobile

Entering the Platinum Tier is definitely a long journey that you have to pass from the Gold Tier. To fulfill the previous Season 18 outfit set at Gold Tier, in this Platinum Tier you will get a Seaosn 18 Mask.

To get this prize, all you need to do is reach Platinum Tier then play it 5 times or 5 classic matches.


3. Diamond

PUBG Mobile

Diamond Tier is a Tier where players or players already have good combat skills, therefore the prizes given to Diamond Tier must also match the efforts you have passed from Platinum Tier.

After you have successfully entered Diamond Tier and played 5 Classic modes in that Tier, you will receive a purple DP-28 weapon skin that is characteristic of the Season 18 color theme.


4. Crown

PUBG Mobile

Crown is a difficult Tier, because after Crown you will enter a Tier filled with players with mature strategies, namely ACE. Many say that players spend more time at Crown Tier because of the high difficulty level.

Therefore, PUBG Mobile correctly gives a prize in the form of a Rating Protection Card that will protect your Tier points when it is too soon.


5. ACE

PUBG Mobile

The ACE tier always has a characteristic prize in each season, which is a parachute. By using this parachute, players or enemies around you will immediately realize that you are in the ACE Tier.

To get this parachute prize, you must play 5 times the Classic mode game after successfully entering the ACE Tier.


6. Conqueror

PUBG Mobile

Conqueror is a tier containing the best 500 players on the server. If you are on an Asian Server, then you have to be 500 players with the highest ACE points in Asia to get a Border or Frame Conqueror.

After entering Conqueror, you can play 5 classic matches to get this special Frame.


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