This Hero Explane is on Nerf Moonton Mobile Legends (ML), No Damage?


Mobile Legends continues to make interesting updates to the game. One of them is this Explane Hero in Nerf Moonton Mobile Legends (ML), No Damage? More detailed information about these changes can be found in this article.

As you know, Mobile Legends is a game that continues to provide the latest interesting updates for its players. These updates not only enhance the gaming experience, but also entice players to continue exploring and enjoying the game.

You will indeed be able to find out a more detailed explanation in the article, but you can also see  Buff Balmond Hero Bold Add Damage, June 2023 Mobile Legends (ML) Patch  this time. So that later you can understand it better.

In Mobile Legends, there are changes experienced by the Explane hero which results in a decrease in damage to the hero. Further information regarding this will be explained in this article, so that readers can find out in more detail.

This Hero Explane is on Nerf Moonton Mobile Legends (ML), No Damage?

Of course, in Mobile Legends there are various interesting updates to know about. One of them is the latest patch that was released in June, where the Gloo hero experienced a nerf which made the hero’s base damage lower.

As seen this time, the base damage from the Gloo hero was reduced from 100-200 to 80 at each level from the use of skill 1. This happened because skill 1 hero had high enough damage that he got nerfed to be able to balance this time.

With these changes, it can be said that the Gloo hero this time will be quite difficult to enter the meta. With the nerf already released on the original server, this hero will be replaced this time as an explane hero later.

That’s the explanation about the explane hero who got nerf this time so it has little damage for the Mobile Legends game. Of course, with this explanation you can find out and what do you think about this explanation this time?