Tips for You About Healing in Free Fire (FF)

Here we have some tips on healing in Free Fire that you can try. Let's get straight into it!


Playing video games can be one of the best thing to do right now to spend your leisure time. There are many game options that you can choose in android. If you’re looking for more challenges, you can try playing Free Fire from now on. In Free Fire, there are many game modes that you can play. With many items that you can use in Free Fire, the gameplay will not be boring. Also with character options and weapons, the players will have many new things to try in the game. Especially if Garena keeps on updating the game. Here we have some tips on healing in Free Fire that you can try. Let’s get straight into it!

Healing Tips Free Fire

Healing is a really important thing to do for you to survive longer in the game. Don’t forget these tips before healing in Free Fire.

Check Your Surroundings

In order to heal safely, you need to look around before you heal to make sure that you’re safe from the enemy’s sight. If you heal yourself and the enemy can still spot your position, then you will be easily killed by the enemy.

Make Sure You Have Enough Healing Item

There are many items that can be useful for you to survive in the game. But out of all those items, you must not forget the healing item. Make sure you have enough healing item to survive until the final zone. You can bring items such as med kit or an inhaler. Try to bring slightly more than you need as a reserve. So in case things go south, you can still save yourself.

Heal While Crouching

You need to be really careful as you heal, moreover if you heal in the middle of a firefight. With bullets flying everywhere, it’s important for you to crouch as you heal yourself. Or if the situation gets hot, you can heal while going prone. If you heal yourself while standing up, there is a risk that the enemy can locate your position and kill you easily.

Ask for Cover

If you play with a squad, it’s a normal thing to ask for help from your friends. When you heal with a low HP, you’ll have bigger risk of getting knocked out. So it’s better for you to fall back and ask for cover from your friends, as you heal yourself.

Heal Inside a Vehicle

You need to know that other than healing in a certain area, you can also heal inside a vehicle. While your teammate drives around, you can spend your time healing yourself to regain your lost HP.

Get Yourself to Cover

If you try to heal, make sure you know which location that you can use to cover yourself safely from enemy fire. The most simple thing to do is to heal yourself behind a tree for example.

Get to Know Energy Point

The last thing that you can do is that you need to know the function of an energy point. Energy point is a thing that is useful to replace your lost HP, according to the amount of loss. For instance, if you lost 150 HP and you have 200 EP, you can use 150 EP to regain your HP.

And that’s the right way to healing in Free Fire. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!