Tips To Be Crewmate Among Us


In playing Among Us, you must be able to try to find Impostors, so that you can win the game. However, if you become an impostor you must be able to kill your crewmate without them knowing. This game is between friendship. Everything could look like Impostor. However, you can do a few tricks to find the real impostor. Here we will discuss things about Impostors in Among Us.

Among Us is a werewolf game or some are calling it Mafia Games. You can be a Crewmate who has to do a task and survive or Impostor who works to kill a Crewmate. It will be difficult to find Impostors alone when you are Crewmate. Actually, there are many ways you can do to find the impostor, when you become a crewmate. You can try to find evidence or analyze other players’ raids. However, you have to be careful in your actions, otherwise you will be accused of being Impostors.

There are many things you can observe starting from the movements and language styles used by other players. It could be that the Impostor is aggressive and starts to take over the conversation, and starts accusing other players. It could also be that the impostor is aggressive and stays low on what’s going on. Therefore, you can try to find the clues first.

Here we have tips on becoming a crewmate among us, which you can try when playing Among Us. If you are a Crewmate, you can try to pay attention to the following. That way, you can find the impostor easily, and win the game as a crewmate.

Here are some tips to become a crewmate among us



Every Crewmate has a job to do. However, Impostor had no workable tasks, and all they had were fake tasks. You can try to see the Impostor’s movement. If you see one of your Crewmates doing a task but the task bar doesn’t increase, it means he is an imposter. That way, you can conduct an emergency meeting and vote.


Some maps have cameras or CCTV that you can use. Before you look around, you better finish your task first. Look around you at the cctv. Then, if you see one of the suspicious crew mates coming to the CCTV room, you should stay away from him. That way, you won’t get killed.


Sometimes Impostor reports when it kills. Before you vote or agree to a crewmate’s opinion, you should make sure it’s true. Don’t be too easily influenced, so you can find the original imposter.

  1. GROUP

You will be helped if you are in a large group. That way, you can confirm with each other, if there is a real killer. However, you don’t just walk in two. Because, if you die, no one can be a witness to report the killer.

Those are some tips for becoming a crewmate among us, that you can try. There are still many ways that you can do, but if you are confused, you can try the method above first. Indeed, in playing Among Us, you can’t be too easily influenced. You have to be able to find the truth first, so you can find the impostor.

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